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Knee pain can affect anyone, and it will be easy to turn to a knee pain specialist right away as you will not want to have to put up with the pain. The good news is that there are home remedies for knee pain and many of them have been found to be affective, even if you cannot use them for extended periods of time. The first thing to try is physical activity and while it may be painful at first, it will show benefits in the long run as the more you move the more the joint will improve.

When the problem is osteoarthritis, it is the ideal form of treatment as the cartilage reacts well to movement and once you get through the pain barrier you can start to see an improvement. The muscles need to be strong so that they can support the knee and if you find that you cannot deal with the pain, swimming or water aerobics could be the answer as they will help the joint move without putting pressure on it. You could see a physical therapist as well as a knee pain specialist and they will tell you the muscles to strengthen and how to strengthen them without causing yourself any additional pain. It is the quadricepses that need to be built up and you can do this by:

  • Lifting up the leg when seated
  • Stepping up and down on a step for a few minutes
  • Sit and stand slowly without the use of the hands – this may be difficult at the beginning but should get easier the more you do it.
  • Squats when holding a chair – an easy example of home remedies for knee pain.

Your posture when sitting and standing can alter the pain as if you sit on a chair that is high up, you will not be straining the knee as much. You can also move as much as possible as lack of movement can cause the joint to stiffen up and this is when the pain starts. Being overweight is going to cause knee issues and following a sensible diet will be as useful as trying home remedies for knee pain. When a lower weight is reached, there is less for the knee joint to do. Following a healthy diet can include eating things such as fruits, vegetables, low fat products and basically the food that is eaten in the Mediterranean.


Sometimes the home remedies for knee pain are not as affective as you would like and you can decide to turn to medication. By and large, they should be anti-inflammatory and while some may require a prescription, a lot can be purchased over the counter. As with many other forms of home remedies for knee pain medicines should only be taken for a short period of time.Massage can be helpful and there are even self-massages that you can try.

If you are going to do this, you need to sit down feet on the floor and put the heel of your hand on the thigh and move it down to the knee – then try it with the hand on the inside and outside of the thigh. Repeat 5 times for each place. Another one is to press fingers into the knee and move it around. Obviously, if any of these actions make the pain worse, you should stop and look for other home remedies for knee pain.

If you believe in aromatherapy, then that can be a way to deal with knee pain without having to visit a knee pain specialist. Massaging with products that contain orange or ginger should limit the pain felt when you have arthritis in the knees. It can be a pleasant experience as well as providing relief from the pain. PRICE – otherwise known as protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation is going to be most effective when the knee pain is not severe and will be felt as the result of a sprain rather than osteoarthritis. Using these actions and home remedies for knee pain should give you relief.

  • Protection – Refrain from the activities that led to the pain
  • Rest – This does not mean you stop being active altogether; but, it just means give the joint the time to start to heal.
  • Ice – This is going to work wonders on the inflammation that can arise. Ice in a cloth and applied to the joint a number of times a day can reduce the swelling a lot. Always make sure that the ice is wrapped in something as your knee pain specialist will tell you ice on the skin is not good.
  • Compression –This tends to be in the form of stockings that will give support and also knee supports that will work on that area in particular. Whatever is used, it must not be too tight, or it will start to play havoc with circulation.
  • Elevation –Keep the leg up as much as possible. Circulation will be increased, and the swelling will start to go down. If you can get the knee above the heart level, it will be ideal.

While it has been mentioned that it is a good idea to use cold, it will also help if you alternate between hot and cold compresses. While it may not be the main advice given by a knee pain specialist, you will find that it does work. When the knee pain is caused by arthritis, this is one of the home remedies for knee pain that is going to give you relief.

Temperature home remedies for knee pain

Covered ice can be used and alternated with a hot water bottle. They should not be so hot or so cold that they are going to cause any pain, but when carried out in the morning, they should make the start of the day a lot easier than it has been in the past. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are going to suffer more pain in the winter when the climate is less than warm. Cold days may stop you going out doors and even make things worse for people suffering from SAD but they do not make knee pain worse.

Wherever you live, you can try acupuncture. It may not be one of the home remedies for knee pain that you can carry out yourself, but it can be done without the intervention of a knee pain specialist. Tests have been carried out; it has been shown that when acupuncture is tried, there can be a reduction in the level of pain felt in the knees. Vigorous exercise would not be suggested by a knee pain specialist, but it is unlikely that they would object to Tai Chi.

Again, long term research has been carried out and this has given better results than other forms of physical therapy including massage and will be one of the enjoyable home remedies for knee pain. Medical marijuana is an area where opinion seems to be divided. It has been shown that when provided as oil, there can be improvements to some conditions. The reason it is considered good for knee pain is that it is able to bring down swelling and also can close down the pathways that are telling the brain that there must be pain felt in the knee.

At present it is not likely that it is going to be easily available from a knee pain specialist, but there is hope that further research will show its benefits and allow it to be used in the future. Diet can be one way to relieve the pain that arthritis of the knee brings, but in many cases, it is not proven that it is going to do a great deal on its own. Some people say that you should eat more gelatine and raw foods, while avoiding dairy, acids and certain vegetables, but there is nothing to say this is the case.

Your knee pain specialist may tell you that you should follow a healthy diet with certain additions and omissions, but is unlikely to recommend diet alone as the answer.

Back pain

Some of the treatments that have been outlined for knee pain can also be suitable for back pain. A spine specialist will be able to tell you what is likely to work for you and what is best avoided. Much of the advice will depend upon how the pain is being caused and is it the result of an accident or an ongoing pain as you are getting older. If you want to try and deal with the pain yourself before seeking medical advice, there are a number of remedies that can be tried at home.

If there is clearly no improvement, you should stop and if the pain is as the result of an accident or trauma, it will be best to get it checked out by a doctor before you start. If you are suffering pain in various areas, then a spine specialist and knee pain specialist should be contacted. If it is agreed that you could try yourself, then you can do some of the following actions:

  • Ice –Even when there has been an accident, ice can help at the beginning. Heat is going to be a problem as it will be a catalyst to inflammation. Heat will work after a few days, but if a day or two of that does not work then you will need to see the doctor.
  • Motion –When there is pain is seems easy to want to sit down and rest rather than put yourself through any pain. The reality is that there is no reason to do that and you should carry on doing what you would normally do. Don’t go overboard though and think that you can do everything that you have done in the past. When there is improvement, then you can start off with exercise. But keep it gentle, such as cycling and swimming.
  • Organise – Make sure that you have things you need in reach and don’t have to over-extend the spine. It makes more sense to stand up to get something rather than stretch to reach and cause yourself more pain.
  • Posture –Lower heels are going to be best for you as high heels will make you less stable and this can put unnecessary pressure on the spine and lower back.
  • Quit –Smoking that is. This can lead to bone damage and when this happens you can end up with osteoporosis and once you have this, it is common to have spinal fractures. Research has been carried out and it backs up the idea that if you smoke you have more – and worse – episodes of back pain.
  • Diet –Any extra weight that you carry is going to be a problem and can lead to you having back pain. Having a sensible diet and carrying out exercises will give you a good chance to limit the back pain.
  • Medication –Sometimes it will be possible to be treated just by taking over the counter medication. If this does not work, you should not take it in the long term but should turn to a doctor for help.

Regardless of the type of pain you have, there will be a way to deal with it. You can try the home remedies for knee pain and see how it works, safe in the knowledge that if you do not feel that they are working properly, you can go to see a knee pain specialist who will find ways to relieve it. It should be easy to find a knee pain specialist to treat you as there will be many advertising their practices online. You should try to get references from other people who have used them as it is likely that they will have varying outlooks on what to do. Sometimes a knee pain specialist will want to try surgery early on, while others are more likely going to try less drastic solutions before getting there.

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