Home Remedy for Arthritis Pain in Knee

Arthritis is a type of joint disease affecting over 50 million people in the United States. While there are many different types of arthritis, one of the most commonly affected areas is the knee. People who suffer from arthritis may experience stiffness, pain, and even swelling in the knee area. If left untreated, the pain in your knee could intensify or cause you to lose mobility.

If you suffer from arthritis in one or both of your knees, you may be looking for a home remedy for arthritis knee pain. Initially, a home remedy for arthritis pain in knee may be effective for mild arthritis pain, but it always is recommended to seek medical attention from a professional knee pain doctor, such as the team at the Pain Treatment Center, for a proper diagnosis and to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Home Remedy for Knee Arthritis Pain | Thorough examination and proper diagnosis by our pain treatment specialists

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Home Remedy for Arthritis Pain in Knee

There are several home remedies for arthritis knee pain, including:

  • Weight Loss – Losing extra unwanted pounds can take pressure off your knee and help to reduce pain and swelling.
  • RICE Technique – The Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate technique can help fight arthritis inflammation in the joints surrounding your knee and help to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Gentle Exercise – Slowly introducing an exercise program that includes low impact exercises, such as swimming, walking, and strengthening exercises can help you maintain flexibility and keep your range of motion in your knees. It is recommended to always seek medical attention from a knee pain specialist before starting any exercise program.
  • NSAIDs – Taking NSAIDs, such as Naproxen (Aleve) or Ibuprofen (Advil) can provide temporary pain relief and work as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling.
  • Supplements – There are many supplements on the market, including capsaicin, ginger, chondroitin, turmeric, sulfate, Boswellia, willow bark, and green tea claiming to help reduce arthritis pain and swelling in the knee.

Effectiveness of Home Remedies for Knee Pain

People suffering from arthritis knee pain experience varying degrees of success using one or more of these home remedies. In fact, using a home remedy for arthritis pain in knee may initially provide relief from both pain and swelling. One of the most common occurrences of arthritis in the knee is that the pain and swelling tend to come and go on a regular basis. This can make it difficult to determine the real effectiveness of any home remedy for arthritis pain in knee.

Another issue is that in many cases arthritis is a degenerative disease, which means that it is likely to worsen over time without proper treatment. When arthritis is in the early stages, home remedies may provide some relief from the pain associated with this condition. As you experience more wear and tear on your knee, arthritis in the area will worsen, and the pain and swelling will intensify. At this point, these home remedies for arthritis knee pain typically become less effective.

It’s important to note that none of the supplements for arthritis knee pain are approved by the FDA as an arthritis pain reliever. You should be careful of any product claiming that it helps to treat arthritis because these claims are unsubstantiated. In addition, if you take prescription medication, you should check with your doctor to make sure that the supplement will not cause any adverse reaction to your medication.

Best Results

For best results, it is best to pair an effective home remedy for arthritis pain in knee with medical treatment. For example, studies have linked obesity and arthritis pain in the knee. This is because excess weight can add stress to the knee joints and increase arthritis inflammation. Weight loss can reduce this problem by minimizing the amount of stress and wear and tear on the joints surrounding the knee.

Weight loss, however, cannot reverse the effects of arthritis. In fact, in nearly all cases arthritis pain will increase with age with or without weight loss. This is where the services of knee pain specialist become crucial. A knee pain doctor provides medical treatments that are proven to help fight arthritis knee pain.

Knee Pain Specialist

Your first step is to make an appointment to see a knee pain doctor New York or a knee pain doctor New Jersey, such as the Pain Treatment Specialists. Your knee pain doctor will provide a thorough examination of your knees and make a proper diagnosis. This is an extremely important step because osteoarthritis is not the only cause of knee pain. In fact, there are many different causes, including patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendinitis, ACL injury, bursitis, and IT band Syndrome, of knee pain. If you had an ACL injury, for example, but used a home remedy for arthritis pain in knee, you could cause even more damage to your knee.

Once an experienced knee pain specialist has properly diagnosed your knee, you can discuss your treatment options with the doctor. Many people erroneously believe that knee replacement surgery is the only option for arthritis knee pain relief, but this is not the case. There are numerous non-surgical options available to help diminish arthritis knee pain.

You don’t need to suffer from arthritis knee pain or solely rely on a home remedy for arthritis pain in knee for relief. Instead, look for the best knee pain doctor in your area and schedule your appointment today. To learn more about osteoarthritis and the knee pain associated with this condition contact the experts at PTS (Pain Treatment Specialists) to schedule an appointment now.

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