The knee consists of many different components; muscle, bone, ligaments and tendons.  In addition, the bones that come together at the knee, the fibula, tibia, femur and patella have cartilage that is susceptible to damage as well. There is the likelihood that it will occur through accidental damage or obesity and New York best doctors can help. Once the knee is damaged, the problem can be passed on to other parts of the leg. There is not a specific age when you can begin to feel knee pain, but the older you get the more likely it is that you will need to turn to medical cures and look for a knee pain doctor NYC.

Is Chondromalacia the cause of the knee pain?

One type of knee pain tends to be prominent and this is chondromalacia patellae and is caused when cartilage underneath the kneecap become soft and the knee cannot move in the way that it is supposed to. The knee and thigh bone rub on each other and the damage can range from quite mild to very painful and is known as patellofemoral syndrome by New York doctors.

What are the symptoms of knee pain?

Pain will be felt in different places and to varying levels depending upon what is wrong, and you should show the knee to a knee pain doctor NYC. The entire knee can be red and inflamed if there is an infection present, but it will be localized pain if it is something such as a fracture or torn meniscus. When you are in discomfort at the back of the knee it is likely to be a Baker cyst. Pain in the joints tends to range from very mild to severe pain. Some knee pain symptoms are:

  • Redness as well as swelling
  • Limping -it will be hard to put your weight on the damaged knee
  • Certain movements will be limited. As an example, it will be difficult to walk up and down stairs.
  • Often the knee will lock, and this will be especially difficult if it happens when you are walking.
  • It will be difficult to stretch the leg fully.
  • Mobility will be difficult as you will not find it easy passing weight to the damage leg.

Causes of knee pain

When it comes to categorizing knee pain by New York doctors, there are three main areas:

  • Acute injury – this will be the case when a bone is broken of there is a tear to the meniscus or ligament.
  • Medical conditions – often these will be linked to aging – arthritis or sometimes infection.
  • Chronic overuse – bursitis, tendinitis and IT band syndrome are examples.

Often it can be difficult to determine what the causes are, but many causes of knee pain will be covered in the following list. A knee pain doctor NYC will be able to advise you of the causes and treatment.

Acute knee injuries

  • Fractures: broken bones are often but not always due to sporting injuries and accidents. Hard contact with one of the leg bones could cause a knee bone to break. A knee break will be one of the most painful of all breaks and will prevent the leg from moving as it should do and a knee pain doctor NYC will be on hand to help. Movement will be hard when it is the knee cap broken, holding the body weight will be hard when it is other bones broken. Every fracture is going to require a knee pain doctor NYC. to be involved. Due to the way fractures occur there could be additional injuries, and the doctor needs to check carefully for these.
  • Ligament injuries: normally this type is going to be an anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) and is often sports related. Sudden changes of direction cause it. Other ligament injuries posterior cruciate, medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments are not injured as often.
  • Meniscus injuries: the knee bones have cartilage between them and this cartilage is known as medial and lateral menisci. Sudden turning movements can lead to them getting damaged and requiring a knee pain doctor NYC.
  • Dislocation: when the knee is dislocated a doctor needs to attend right away. It is not only painful but an emergency as the blood supply to the leg could be compromised. This is an injury often seen by New York doctors as a result of motoring accidents.

Medical conditions

  • Rheumatoid arthritis although any joint can be affected by this autoimmune issue, the knee often suffers, and it is a painful condition that can be identified in part by the amount of swelling involved.
  • Gout is classed as a type of arthritis that attacks the big toe and the knee. Pain will only come when there is a flare up, but when it does New York best doctors needs to be contacted.
  • Septic arthritis (infectious arthritis) is where the joint becomes infected and fever comes along with the pain. Treatment by a knee pain doctor NYC is needed right away and they will drain the joint and prescribe antibiotics.

Chronic use/overuse conditions

  • Patellar tendinitis – It is a condition whereby the patella tendons are inflamed. It is often found in people who have to carry out a particular movement on a regular basis. Cyclists are an ideal example.
  • Osteoarthritis -Cartilage is worn down often as a result of being overweight or general aging and New York doctors see this regularly.
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome – It is caused by the femur – thigh bone – being under stress where it connects with the patella – kneecap. Again, it will be cyclists and runners who suffer.

Note that children who suffer from Osgood-Schlatter disease will feel a lot of pain in the knees.

What are risk factors for knee pain?

  • Biomechanics: As we know, the knee joint is used a lot during the day and is a complex part of the body. It is a fact that when there are different walking styles – often brought about by an injury elsewhere, can then cause pain to be felt in the knee requiring a visit to New York doctors.
  • Obesity – Excess weight is going to put pressure on the knee and the cartilage will also get damaged earlier.
  • Repetitive motion – Joggers and skiers lose cartilage quickly and with that come the pain.

When should people with knee pain call a health care professional?

Once you have pain in the knee you should not wait more than a couple of days before calling New York best doctors. If there is swelling, or an inability to move the knee as it should be moved, pain and difficulty walking there should be medical contact sought and if there is fever it should be as soon as possible.

What are some of the complications of knee pain?

Many people find that the knee pain goes away and they do not know what caused it in the first place. Sometimes this is good, but it could be the sign of something serious further down the line. When the pain keeps returning it is likely it will need a doctor to deal with it as it will become difficult to walk.

How do physicians diagnose knee pain?

New York doctors will ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle, and they will be able to see if you are overweight or not. Most of the questions will revolve round the knee, but there may be others as it could be another part of the body that is causing the problem. You will need to remember the last few days and anything that eased or increased the pain. After that there will be a physical examination taking place.

The knee will be manipulated by the doctor so that they can tell where the pain is located and what movement makes it worse. The knees will be compared and very open after this, the doctor will know what the problem is. If they are still not sure, they may send you for an x-ray as this will pick up things that the New York doctors cannot see. If the doctor is still not 100% certain of the cause, they may decide that additional tests are required. These are:

·      Radiologic tests – An ordinary x-ray may be all that is needed by New York doctors. MRI scans will see inside the knee and can tell if there has been a soft tissue injury. It will find cartilage, muscle or ligament damage and aid a knee pain doctor NYC.

·      Blood tests – If the New York doctors think that arthritis, gout or certain other conditions are to blame, they may decide that they will run blood tests.

·      Removal of joint fluid (arthrocentesis) – Your New York doctors may determine that the best way to get the result is to take fluid out of the knee. This is known as arthrocentesis and the fluid will be extracted via a small needle. The knee must be sterile while this happens, and you then wait for the lab results. This is going to show up gout if it the cause and also varying types of arthritis. When there has been trauma to the knee, the removal of fluid will be beneficial as there could be blood in there.

What kinds of doctors treat knee pain?

Sometimes the New York doctors you normally visit will be able to determine the cause of your knee pain and then treat it. However, if there is the need for an operation or it seems to be more complicated, an orthopedic surgeon will have to be involved. When it is considered to be gout, arthritis or rheumatism, a specialist will be required.

What is the treatment for knee pain?

Treatments for knee pain are as varied as the conditions that can cause the pain. They include the following:

  • Medications – You could be prescribed medication to take away the pain. If you find you are regularly taking over the counter treatments, then a knee pain doctor NYC should look at the knee to help with the issue.
  • Physical therapy – Strengthening the knee muscle will allow you to move more easily. A physical therapist will work with you to achieve this.
  • Injections -Direct injections can relieve pain. Lubricants and corticosteroids are normally used – corticosteroids in particular for arthritis. They will be needed every few months and act as the fluid that is needed to make the knee move and can be given by New York doctors.
  • Surgery -With surgery, it could be something as simple as arthroscopic surgery through to a completely new knee. Many injuries can be dealt with via a camera in the knee and it may mean there is no need for a hospital stay. It can entail a partial knee replacement: plastic is used to replace certain parts of the knee and recovery is quick when compared to full replacement. Alternatively, a doctor like Namrata Khimani can do a total knee replacement surgery where the entire joint is replaced by a knee pain doctor NYC.

Other therapies

·      Acupuncture can be used especially when there is arthritis, and glucosamine has shown some good results and some New York best doctors will recommend this.

·      Exercises for Joint Pain and Knee Osteoarthritis

·      Over the counter medication can give relief, but not for the long term. A knee pain doctor NYC needs to intervene and provide a permanent solution.

·      RICE: R – rest the knee even if prevents normal activity. Ice – this will work on inflammation and pain. Compress – swelling will be reduced if you wear a compression bandage. Only wear during the day however. Elevation – keeping the knee up can cut down on swelling.

Knee pain facts to remember

  • Injuries and medical conditions can cause knee pain.
  • It can be throughout the knee or localized
  • Knee pain can be debilitating.
  • A diagnosis can be reached through examinations
  • The cause will determine the treatment
  • Even if surgery is required, knee pain can be dealt with.

Knee pain prognosis and prevention

When pain becomes chronic – long term – a knee pain doctor NYC should become involved. When taking into account modern procedures, most knee pain can be cured. This will depend upon the cause and advice given by New York doctors. With overuse, limit running and cycling, keep safe and limit the risk of trauma and also losing weight will reduce the strain on the joint.

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