Chronic pain is a major issue for many people and can have a terrible impact on quality of life. Whether it’s back pain, joint pain or another type of pain, it can be distracting and prevent you from enjoying yourself in the way that you deserve.  But the solution to chronic pain varies widely based on the type of pain and the individual patient. Some types of pain can be managed with medications, others respond much better to non-prescription methods of managing pain. In order to find the best treatment option for you, consider discussing your situation with a board-certified pain doctor. If you have uncontrolled pain it can actually slow down the healing process and impair your ability to think well, work, eat properly and interact with family and loved ones. Chronic pain can make you feel worried, frustrated, lonely, angry, and depressed.  If your goal is to locate the “top pain management near me” we suggest you try to find a pain specialist.

Things to know about pain management

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t have to endure the pain and there are options. Talking about pain is a sign of strength not weakness. You have the right to feel normal and as happy. Taking proactive steps to address your pain right away is very important. Your pain management doctor in New Jersey or New York doctor may prescribe medicines to manage your pain as soon as possible, then thoroughly evaluate you and come up with a comprehensive pain plan.

Most doctors will recommend over the counter medications then provide prescription medications if a stronger medication is necessary.  Many patients are reluctant to use opioids but if a patient takes pain medicines while they are in active pain, it’s much less common to develop an addiction. The best plan is always to take drugs according to your doctor’s instructions. There are many, many medication options other than narcotics including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and agents that help calm nerve endings, which reduces pain significantly. When a specialist who provides pain management near me thinks that a new strategy could work, I am always willing to consider it.

Of course, plenty of medications have side effects and you need to be aware of them. A good doctor will discuss your options clearly and make sure you are aware of any possible side effects. Your pain expert can help you regulate your medications and find a solution that helps you feel better without experiencing any side effects at all.

Common side effects of pain medicines

One of the most common side effects people experience due to taking pain drugs is drowsiness. This is temporary, but can be intolerable for many people, especially if you need to work everyday. In addition, pain drugs can trigger confusion and/or dizziness. If you feel this way, call your pain management New Jersey practitioner and inform him or her. They might want to alter your dosage or the kind of medicine you are taking. Note that some people feel constipated when taking their pain drugs. Again, definitely speak to your physician ASAP if you are experiencing constipation so he or she can help you find a solution.

How to begin your pain management journey

The very first thing you should do is search for: pain management near me.  Look for business directories, blogs, forums, medical review websites and social media pages about pain management doctors and clinics. Once you find a suitable clinic and doctor, make an appointment for an evaluation right away. During your first meeting, tell your pain expert about your symptoms. Mention which part of your body feels pain, how strong or intense it is. Try to describe it. Pain is often characterized in one of the following ways: sharp, dull, stabbing, burning, or cramping. Also mention how long your pain has been going on. What makes your pain worse? What makes it better? the more you can tell your doctor about your pain, the better he or she can understand and find a solution tailored specifically to you.

The pain rating scale at pain management near me clinics

A pain scale is a tool that is often used by doctors to explain the amount of pain a patient feels and to come up with new goals for pain management. Usually the Defense and Veterana Pain Rating Scale, DVPRS, is the one used by most pain consultants.  Red implies that the pain felt is severe; Yellow means the pain is moderate and Green will show that the pain is mild. More information about this scale can be provided by a pain consultant.

How to ensure that your pain medicines do more good than harm

One thing you must do always when dealing with medicines is to store them safely. First, keep your pain drugs where kids or pets cannot reach them to avoid accidents. For this, a lock box or locked cabinet will do. Second, ensure that when you finish taking your pain management medicine you throw away the remainder. Drugs that are no longer needed should be discarded and you might want to seek help from your pharmacist on how to do this. By throwing away unneeded drugs, or providing them to a take-back drug program in your area, you can keep your home safer.

Ensure that all your pain medicines are provided by one pain management New Jersey pharmacist as he or she can keep the records of drugs you use and make sure that you don’t skip some drugs. If there is even one type of pain medicine that has not been prescribed for you, avoid taking it. Always read drugs labels prior to taking any medicine to make sure that it is not expired yet, and learn about its side effects, contraindications and more.

The right time to call a pain management near me doctor

Like most people, you may think you should endure the pain unnecessarily. But you should understand that pain can be dealt with if action is taken fast. So, if you are on pain medicines and they are not helping with pain control, it is good to call your pain management New Jersey consultant. And if you require a new prescription, just call your physician during their business hours and about two to three days before your medicine needs refilling. This will give the pharmacist enough time to get the medicine you require, if they don’t have it in stock before your time limit.

What is drug addiction and dependence?

One thing that any pain management expert can confirm is that getting addicted to pain and anxiety drugs is so easy. There is greater danger when the level of maintenance medicine is not high enough to offer effective pain relief. People on pain medication might be tempted to seek more drugs if they are worried that their current dosage could run out and leave them without a way to relieve their pain.  People who depend a lot on pain medicines to feel relief are said to have a pseudo-addiction. While they may portray behaviours that are similar to those of a drug addict, pseudo-addicts are not addicts. If you are showing this behaviour while on pain control medication, you will likely:

  • Not take more doses or fewer doses than prescribed by your pain management New Jersey specialist
  • Not display symptoms of drugs intoxication
  • Never take drugs to achieve a euphoric sensation.
  • Follow your pain management doctor’s recommendations to the letter
  • Worry about the repercussions of taking more drugs than recommended
  • Avoid anything that could cause your pain drugs to cause horrible side effects.

People with a pseudo-addiction might sometimes display behaviours that are likely to be misinterpreted. For instance, they might complain that their current dosage is not ending their pain and so they need a higher one. Moreover, when their symptoms worsen, these people might collect more drugs and sometimes acquire similar medicines from another pain management New Jersey doctor to use for a different problem– like dental pain. While people might do all this, it doesn’t fully show that they are getting addicted to their pain medicines.

Signs of addiction are easy to spot. For instance, some take more drugs than instructed by their pain management New Jersey doctor to attain a euphoric feeling. Taking drugs without caring about the side effects is also a sign that a person is addicted. Some people show direct signs of intoxication and others might even go to a point of stealing the drug when they don’t need it anymore to control pain. Furthermore, in an attempt to feel high, a patient might be tempted to mix their pain medicine with alcohol or some other drug. It might also be the case that a person is always misplacing their drugs to get new prescriptions from their pain specialist or doctor. What’s more, a patient may attempt to get multiple prescriptions from different pharmacy shops so as to have more drugs to consume or to sell. They might as well buy fake drugs for sale or personal use from the streets.

How to self-manage your pain

A dedicated pain doctor can help give you advice on how to manage your pain at home by yourself. Alter your activities often and use different body parts all through the day to avoid exhaustion and more pain. Ensure that you drink plenty of water to help with constipation caused by most pain management drugs. Always take pain medicines when you are full, especially those that are supposed to be taken with food.

Final words

For the choice of the best pain management New Jersey expert, we highly recommend Dr.Rehan Ali  and Dr. Michael Nguyen. They are one of the best pain management teams in New Jersey area. A board certified doctor (by the American Board of Anesthesiology) who became one of the top scholars at New York Medical College, Dr. Rehan Ali also pursued his fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. Dr. Michael Nguyen trained at Harvard and won multiple awards throughout his time there. both Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Rehan use minimally invasive techniques of managing pain, including fluoroscopic laser guidance. Avoid surgery and avoid opioid medications – speak to an expert pain doctor today.

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