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If you are not aware of varicose veins, they can best be described as rope-like protuberances that can appear anywhere under the skin, and are likely to require pain management NYC services. They tend to appear mostly on the legs and feet, and this tends to be due to the way that they form. They occur when the veins become enlarged, and this happens when the veins are no longer effective and open and close in the way that they should do. Like all veins, they will start blue in color the same as normal veins, but as they get worse then they will turn purple. As the veins are so close to the skin it is understandable that they show through quickly and look unsightly even before the pain starts.

Discussing more about varicosities

It is considered that up to 1 in 5 adults are going to fall victim to varices in their lifetime; so, it is important to know that there is pain management NYC for all stages and that there are pain VIP centers that can help at any time. This will range from a bit of rest and pain treatments to eventual removal when they get too bad. Usually they do not start to appear till you are over 40, but under certain circumstances, they can show earlier. This will normally be due to extra pressure being put on them, so pregnant women and anyone who is obese and standing a lot will often see them before they get to that age. Pain management NYC will help you to deal with the discomfort but will not make them go away.

Once the vein is damaged, it cannot play its part in the blood moving process. Normally the blood flows around the body through veins. As it goes from part to part, valves open to let it in and then close behind it, trapping it in the vein. The next session does the same, but when the valve malfunctions, it cannot hold the blood, and this tends to be when it is returning from the feet to the heart. As a result, the blood falls back down and eventually starts to pool at the feet. Over time the skin starts to change color and ulcers can form. When this happens, even of you have bravely battled on, you will need to look for pain management NYC.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

 In some cases, the only problem with varicose veins is that they do not look good. There are no real symptoms and if you can deal with seeing them, then there is no need to do anything. There is no correlation between the size of the veins and any problems caused by them as large ones could be no problem at all, yet spider veins – the smaller ones – could be a constant cause of discomfort. If there is discomfort you are bound to want pain management NYC.

If there are symptoms requiring pain management NYC they are likely to be: –

  • Aching legs – often they will feel heavy and walking will be difficult and require pain management NYC.
  • Cramp – this can happen at any time but will most often occur at night making sleep difficult.
  • Burning and throbbing sensation
  • Swollen legs – this will start in the calves and can go down to the feet.
  • Localised discomfort – the area around the problematic vein is going to be the worst affected area.

As blood vessels dilate as the temperature rises, hot days are going to provide the worst of the symptoms. At this time the valves struggle to perform even more and as you are likely to be inactive on hot days, the problem will get even worse. If you have pain, you will be looking for pain management NYC.

Helping with the Pain

Anyone involved with curing pain in NYC will be able to give you plenty of advice when it comes to pain management NYC. The easiest thing will be to raise your legs and after a while, the throbbing sensation should stop. If you can lift them to a level that is above the level of your heart, you should find relief. Pain treatments will be easy to find and a lot of them will be non-medicinal. Exercise and stretching will make a difference. Anything that stretches the muscles in the calves should be attempted and also flex the feet.

When travelling or sat in a small space, this is extra important. Bending the knees will do a lot to help the blood circulate and try not to stay in the same sitting or standing position for more than half an hour. Drinking water and staying hydrated will also see the pain start to subside. One aid that is just for summer will be a cold shower or immersing the legs into cold water. The blood vessels will get smaller and if nothing else this will take away the swelling. Avoid hot baths as they will have a negative effect.

Preventing Pain with Pain Management NYC

When pain management NYC is needed for the legs, compression stockings can be used, and they will help to support the legs. They must be worn all day to get any real benefit from them, so putting them on for an hour or so later in the day will not give any relief. The real problems will start when the blood reaches the ankles and start to collect there as the stockings will no longer be effective. Knowing what not to wear is going to be just as important. Tight clothes and high heels should be avoided as blood flow can be restricted and ignoring this will ensure that you will require pain management NYC. Sensible shoes may not look as good, but they will be best for your sore legs. Once you have tried a lot of ways to prevent the pain, you may find that venous medicine is required.

Dealing with Back Pain

The most common form of back pain is lower back pain and tends to be non-specific as it is hard to determine the cause. This is the case even when it is severe, unless you know what has happened to cause it. Sciatica is a reason for back pain and a back pain doctor NYC will be able to explain this condition to you. This is when the nerve root is damaged, although less than 5% of sufferers of back pain have this. Otherwise known as a trapped nerve, it can lead to pain in the legs as well as the back. When there is a slipped disc, part of the disc presses on the nerve and again there is widespread pain.

A more serious issue is cauda equina syndrome that is caused by spinal stenosis, spinal tumors and disk herniation. Fortunately, not many people have this. The lowest nerve in the spine is affected and not only is this painful, but it can interfere with toilet habits. It will be hard to pass urine and the legs can be numb. Due to the restrictions on the bowel and bladder this needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency and your back pain doctor NYC will plan for treatment.There are a lot of less serious causes of back pain including arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tumors and infections and all can be identified and treated by a back pain doctor NYC. As non-specific is the main cause, it will help to identify some of the causes including: –

  • Slow starting pain that gets worse and worse, and is constant
  • It can travel to the chest and while this will bring other worries, can be back related.
  • Loss of feeling in the lower part of the leg – this is serious and should be reported to a back pain doctor NYC right away.

If arthritis is considered the cause: –

  • Pain just after you wake, or pain that can actually wake you up.
  • Stiffness and this is likely to last for more than half an hour after you get up.
  • Activity is a help rather than a hindrance. If you find this hard to believe, you can check with a back pain doctor NYC.

Cancer can be a cause requiring back pain treatment NYC and these are the indicators that you should be looking for: –

  • Sudden onset of pain with no explanation as to what happened to cause it
  • Pain that last throughout the night and makes lying down a problem.
  • High temperature and unexplained weight loss.

A back pain doctor NYC should be able to identify non-specific back pain without having to put you through a myriad of tests. The reality is that tests will not really help and in some cases the movements will only lead to more pain. Whether or not you are offered tests, always make sure that the doctor speaks in terms that you understand. There can be little worse than worrying over the medical outcome, when it means nothing more than age related back pain, when asking the back pain doctor NYC for details will put your mind at ease.

Lower back pain treatment

One of the most important things is too keep active and a back pain doctor NYC will tell you this. There is no need to stop what you normally do unless it is causing more problems for your back. A small degree of back pain may be felt, but the gentler movement that takes place, the quicker that should stop. Choose the most comfortable place to sleep, and don’t be swayed by anyone who says a form mattress must be used. If you find it helps, place a pillow between your knees for extra comfort.

A back pain doctor NYC can work with a physical therapy consultant to design an exercise program for you. As your lower back gets stronger, the pain should subside. It won’t be long before you are doing a lot of the things you have always been able to do. The opposite advice will be given for back pain than vein pain and here a hot bath will be suitable.


A back pain doctor NYC will be able to prescribe pain treatment medicine if it is needed, but will also give advice when it comes to any over the counter medication that can be taken. Painkillers will work best if they are taken regularly rather than on an ad hoc basis when the pain seems to be worse. You will be able to exercise and therefore feel better and hopefully take away the need for strong medication. Anti-inflammatory pain killers can be purchased at a chemist and they will not only deal with the pain but can help reduce the swelling. Check with the back pain doctor NYC that you are dealing with if you can take these as they are not suitable for people with certain conditions. Muscle relaxants can be prescribed if there are back spasms as these can lead to other difficulties so are best avoided. As some can be addictive they should only be prescribed for a short period of time as you don’t want to exchange one medical problem for another one.

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