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If you are searching for a “vein center in New York”, then you’re probably suffering from vein disease and the complications that come with them. It’s time to make an appointment with a reputable vein center that offers state-of-the-art care from outstanding physicians, such as Vein Treatment Center New York! Click HERE to book an appointment at our excellent vein center, or keep reading to learn more about the top 6 characteristics of great vein doctors. 

1. Highly Trained 

A vein specialist is also known as a phlebologist. As long as they have the necessary extra training for treating veins, a phlebologist may be from virtually any medical specialty.

The easiest way to learn more about a vein specialist is to look them up online and visit the website of their vein center. The first place to find information about their professional qualifications and job history is on the “meet the doctor” page to ensure they have the training and skills to provide the best treatment possible. 

How can I find a vein doctor who will provide me with the best vein treatment? We discuss the top 6 characteristics of great vein doctors so you can make an informed choice of the best vein center in New York where you can find them!

2. Board-Certified

Being board-certified means that a doctor has undergone more training in the specialty field and has shown a high degree of experience in this area. This additional training a doctor has taken ensures that they are higher qualified than a non-certified doctor in this area, so it is important to make sure that you choose a vein center that employs board-certified doctors. 

3. Positive Patient Testimonials

Read the patient testimonials for the vein care center to get a sense of how the vein doctor deals with patients, describes treatment procedures, and gets to know a patient’s medical problems and family background.

The “About Us” tab can provide some additional insight, and the contact page of a vein center website is a great way to reach out to someone and  get your questions answered prior to making an appointment and going to the vein center. 

4. Provides Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgery was once the best way to handle varicose veins, but it came with a slew of complications and a long healing time. However, medicine has advanced to the point where vein doctors can now treat these diseases with minimally invasive procedures.

Sclerotherapy, VenaSeal, radiofrequency ablation, and varithena are all methods for closing damaged veins and rerouting blood flow. These minimally invasive procedures also take less than an hour to complete and cause little to no pain or discomfort. A good doctor at a reputable vein center will always opt for minimally-invasive procedures if possible.

5. Expertise in Ultrasound

A good vein specialist who performs minimally invasive operations should also be proficient in ultrasound, which is important for diagnosing chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and testing for blood clots in the deep veins of the legs. This technology is what allows vein doctors to see the root cause of vein disease without surgery, so be sure to choose a vein doctor at a vein center that uses ultrasound imaging.

6. Avoids Surgical Procedures As Much As Possible

As we’ve said before, minimally-invasive vein treatment is the best choice for care. However, some vein doctors still primarily use surgical methods, so these doctors and vein centers should be avoided. Some surgical treatment methods to watch out for are vein ligation, venous bypass surgery, phlebectomy, and endovenous laser ablation. These treatments all involve an incision of some kind, which can lead to a recovery time of a week or longer.

Meet the Vein Doctors!

Now that you know about the characteristics of an excellent vein doctor, let’s meet some of the vein doctors at our vein center in New York who not only meet these criteria, but consistently go above and beyond.

Dr. Michael Nguyen is a triple board-certified vein doctor who completed his training at Harvard Medical School, where he was awarded the “Mentor of the Year” and “Teacher of the Year” award. He values education of his peers, as he regularly has vein doctors visit to observe the newest, cutting-edge, minimally invasive non-surgical techniques.

Dr. Sareh Rajaee is a Yale-trained vascular surgeon with extensive experience in vein and arterial disease. Her success rate with spider veins and varicose vein removal is excellent, but her priority isn’t the numbers. She believes in a holistic approach towards patient care, so strives to build relationships with her patients and advocate for their well-being.

Dr. Juan Montoya is a Yale-trained double board-certified specialist in venous medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. He is highly experienced in the latest minimally-invasive vein treatments to treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

When you make an appointment at our vein center in New York with any of our three vein doctors – Dr. Michael Nguyen, Dr. Sarah Rajaee, or Dr. Juan Montoya –  you can be assured of the highest standard of care and the best patient experience possible. Check out the Vein Treatment Clinic location in New York City or Long Island for vein treatment today!

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