Know the Roles of Your Specialists: What does a Neurologist do for Back Pain?

What does a neurologist do for back pain? For you to receive effective treatment for back pain, it is helpful to understand the various roles of the specialists you can consult for this condition. A neurologist is just one part of the puzzle in a wide variety of treatment options. With each medical specialist, you can expect different solutions for your back pain. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the initial cause of your pain. When you are aware of how each specialist can add to your recovery, you can decide which route to pursue to avoid surgery.

You might wonder what does a neurologist do for back pain? A neurologist is one of the many specialists you might need to consult in treating your back pain.

Pain Care Specialist

Your pain doctor at the pain treatment clinic plays several vital roles in the treatment of back pain. At the center of the practice, is nonsurgical pain management. Often primary care physicians will send you to a pain treatment specialist, especially if you suffer from chronic pain or acute low back pain.

First and foremost, he or she will correctly diagnose the cause of your pain. Initially, your pain physician will discuss how you experience pain in your daily activities and ask you to move in a precise manner to see any restrictions. Then your pain physician will order imagining techniques such as a CT scan, an X-ray or MRI to pinpoint the problem that is causing you pain. Is it a soft tissue problem, such as a tear? Is it a fracture or splintering of a bone? Or is it due to an underlying cause such as a disease like arthritis or osteoporosis? He or she will also take your complete medical history, including a list of the prescriptions you are currently taking.

Then your well-trained pain doctor in New York or pain doctor in New Jersey will discuss treatment options that suit your physical condition and lifestyle based on the information obtained during the diagnosis.

Some of the treatments that are available at the pain treatment clinic are injections of various types.

In many cases, as you age, you need to be mindful of lifestyle changes. Excess weight, inactivity, and smoking can all intensify your back pain.

In some instances, your doctor will triage your case to other specialists if needed. Some of the specialists that your pain doctor will coordinate with include acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical therapist, a chiropractor, neurologist, and surgeon.

  • Acupuncturist: Although this is an ancient technique, many people find relief from the thin needles that block the pain message from reaching your brain. Without pain, you can comfortably complete the exercises that will increase the blood flow into the area, reduce any inflammation and boost your healing process.
  • Massage Therapist: Your pain specialist will coordinate with your massage therapist to target the area of concern. Relaxed muscles alleviate pressure on the nerves.
  • Physical Therapist: Your physical therapist will follow the directions from your pain doctor to target the area of concern. Exercise has many benefits from strengthening your muscles to relieving tension. In addition, your physical therapist will consult with you about your daily activities to help you identify what actions could be harming your condition. Then he or she will train you to complete the activity differently so that you do not worsen your situation. It might be that you will need to wear a brace or use your legs when lifting a heavy object.
  • Chiropractor: Often through manipulation of your spine, your chiropractor realigns the bones in your spine, thus relieving pressure on your nerves.


What does a neurologist do for back pain? A neurologist is trained in the nervous system of the body and how the nerves can be affected by misalignment in the spine. Through a variety of imaging techniques and various other testing procedures, a neurologist can identify the cause of the back pain. Is your problem stemming from herniated discs or any other degenerative disc disease?

When the neurologist has pinpointed the area of concern, he or she can probe into why your nerve is being pinched by the vertebrae.

What does a neurologist do for back pain? Also, the neurologist will recommend other medical specialists to help alleviate your pain. For example, in physical therapy, exercises that focus on relieving the pressure on the nerves while relaxing muscle tension can be very useful and lead to your functional restoration.

What does a neurologist do for back pain? Sometimes daily activities can acerbate your condition. For example, if you tend to sleep on your back, your spine is in the best position to relieve pressure on the nerves. But if you suffer from sleep apnea, you tend to sleep on your side, and this allows the spine to sag against your nerves, causing pain. Your neurologist is trained in identifying ways in which people unknowingly aggravate their back pain condition and have solutions for you that can help you avoid surgical treatments.

Other Nonsurgical Solutions for Back Pain

  1. Lumbar Eріdurаl: In this procedure, your pain doctor will carefully administer a steroid injection into the site of your pain. This is one of the anti-inflammatory drugs that will reduce the swelling and pressure on your nerve.
  2. SI Jоіnt Injесtіоn: Your pain expert will inject this pain medication to locate and relieve pain in your lower back.
  3. COOLIEF SI Joint Cооlеd RF: When your pain physician uses this cooling technology for the denervation of your sacroiliac joint. The placement of the spherical lesions allows the nerves to be cushioned from your spine.
  • Spinal Cоrd Stіmulаtіоn: Your pain doctor will apply low-level electrical stimulation to the affected areas of the spinal cord to block the pain signals.
  • Sріnаl Dесоmрrеѕѕіоn: The components of your spine will be gently stretched through motorized traction, putting your spine into better alignment while relieving the pressure on your nerves.

Laminectomy Surgery

As a last resort when all other measures have not brought relief, your doctor may suggest this type of surgery in which the surgeon removes the back part of one of your vertebrae, thus reducing pressure on your nerves.

Key Concepts

  • A neurologist is one of the many medical specialists who can help you with your back pain.
  • An accurate diagnosis of the problem is vital for your effective care.
  • The caring pain doctor at the pain treatment clinic will support your goal to relieve your pain without resorting to surgery.
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