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Top Elbow Pain Dr NJ Recommends Minimally-Invasive Treatments

Dec 15, 2019

We take many parts of our bodies for granted when they’re healthy and working well. Able to stand up without pain? Thank your lower back and your knees. Turning your head to see what’s behind you? It’s great when your neck is aligned and moving properly. Bending your arm to scratch your nose? Your elbow is the reason why your hand can reach your face. However, when things are out of place due to an accident, injury, or chronic wear and tear, you become keenly aware that what was once easy now requires a tremendous effort.

Elbow injuries, such as tennis elbow, issues with the ulnar nerve, or other elbow conditions, leave your hand unable to easily reach what you need. A top elbow pain Dr in NJ recommends that seeing a pain management specialist is the way to go to treat elbow injuries and elbow conditions, and does not recommend surgical treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top elbow pain Dr in NJ, our team of board-certified interventional pain doctors utilize minimally-invasive techniques to reduce chronic elbow pain and return your arm back to its full mobility.

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What Can the Top Elbow Pain Dr in NJ Do For Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, also known by the medical name lateral epicondylitis, is an elbow condition that occurs due to repetitive motions. If you’ve recently been hammering, swinging a golf club, playing tennis, or doing home repairs, your joints become overworked and sore. A top elbow pain Dr in NJ can determine if you have tennis elbow by examining how the tendon attaches the elbow to your arm muscles. When you move your arm in the same motion or direction for an extended period of time, these tendons become sore, swollen, and inflamed. It can also cause tears in the tendon. At first, your arm bone or elbow might just feel sore due to overuse, but over time the pain from your tennis elbow can become quite intense, resulting in a decreased ability to grip objects or fully extend your arm.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top elbow pain Dr in NJ, our team of board-certified pain doctors have a variety of minimally-invasive procedures to treat elbow injuries, elbow conditions, and tennis elbow. Some of the treatments offered by the top elbow pain Dr in NJ include:

  • Steroid Injections/Corticosteroids: This is the first line of minimally-invasive treatments used by the top elbow pain Dr in NJ. By reducing pain and swelling, steroid injections allow you to resume normal activities almost immediately. What does this procedure involve? The top elbow pain Dr in NJ draws the corticosteroid into a syringe and injects the medicine into the affected area. No surgical treatments needed!
  • Viscosupplementation/Hyaluronic Acid Injection: If a steroid injection does not work for your elbow condition, then your top elbow pain Dr in NJ might try viscosupplementation. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of joint fluid, and this is what gives joint fluid its thick, viscous texture. Hyaluronic acid becomes thinner over time due to wear and tear, or some medical conditions. These conditions include progressive diseases such as osteoarthritis. If your top elbow pain Dr in NJ opts for a hyaluronic acid injection, it will add cushion to your elbow joint.
  • Physical Therapy: Surgical treatments do not have to be the only option for elbow injuries of chronic elbow pain. Your top elbow pain Dr in NJ can also add physical therapy to your individualized treatment plan. During physical therapy sessions, your physical therapist creates customized exercises and movements designed to help you build strength and regain mobility in your affected elbow.

When you’re searching for the top elbow pain Dr in NJ, look for a pain doctor who uses minimally-invasive techniques and does not resort to surgical treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top elbow pain Dr in NJ, our team of board-certified interventional pain doctors work with each patient to craft a unique plan based on your specific elbow pain concerns.

If you’re searching for a “back doctor in NYC” or are unsure of what type of doctor do I see for back pain, look for pain doctors that offer back pain treatments in NYC that do not resort to surgery or narcotics to treat chronic pain.

Are There Any At-Home Remedies For My Elbow Condition?

Before you meet with the top elbow pain Dr in NJ, Pain Treatment Specialists, you can take measures to relieve your pain and swelling with some at-home remedies. Some steps include:

  1. Rest Your Elbow: If you are able to take it easy, do it! Additionally, if you were able to pinpoint the cause of your elbow pain, such as painting or playing tennis, avoid those activities until your pain and swelling subside.
  2. Try RICE: No, cooking up a big bowl of starch won’t help your elbow, even if it is a comforting food! This acronym stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate.” If you’re following step one of the top elbow pain Dr in NJ’s advice, you’re already resting your elbow. Ice your elbow for 20-minute intervals to reduce pain and swelling, or alternate with a heating pad. To compress your elbow, wrap it tightly with a compression or athletic bandage for the day to increase your elbow’s support. Elevating your elbow with a pillow also helps relieve pressure and swelling.
  3. Use Over-the-Counter Pain Medicine: Read the label carefully to make sure you’re taking the recommended dosage and do not try to increase the amount. If pain is not helped by over-the-counter medicine, it’s time to call the top elbow pain Dr in NJ at Pain Treatment Specialists.

Life’s to short to spend it with chronic elbow pain. Contact the top elbow pain Dr in NJ at Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our team of interventional pain doctors can get your elbow and arm back to full strength.

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