What Is Back Pain?

Take this True and False mini quiz to clarify what you already know about back pain.

  • Back pain is all due to degenerative disc disease or herniated discs.

True or False? 

False: Many people suffer from abnormalities of the skeletal structure of the spine and this includes your discs but not all back pain is caused by structural components of your spine.  Pain can be a result of strain in your muscles, tendons and ligaments. If these are inflamed they can cause the disc to slip out of place and press on the nerves in your spinal column that sends a  pain signal to your brain. Some diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and infections also cause pain.

Ask your back pain doctor about the many treatment options – Your back pain doctor can explain the process of diagnosis and treatment of chronic back pain. Find out some home remedies and medical solutions by pain specialists near your locations. Read More!

  • All back pain is chronic.

True or False? 

False: It is true that more than half of Americans suffer from chronic pain in their backs that has occurred for at least 5 years or more but not all back pain develops into this chronic condition. When you can acquire a diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, the pain may subside quickly. Also, sometimes home remedies work effectively without even consulting medical intervention.

  • Effective treatment for chronic back pain must include surgery to repair any damage to the soft tissues or bone associated with your spine.

True or False? 

False: In the most serious cases, treatment for back pain does include surgery. But the many interventions for pain include many different strategies. From massage to injections, to low volt stimulation and to hands-on manipulation. Pain management specialists located at Pain Treatment Clinics will diagnose your condition accurately and then design a treatment plan for you.

  • Home remedies for back pain include taking of over the counter pain medication and resting.

True or False?

True: If your back pain has just started, consider taking over the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication, stop any activity that causes you pain, and try hot and cold compresses on the area. There are even more strategies to use to alleviate your pain. Some people use topical rubs to ease their pain. If the pain is not too severe, you can gently exercise your core. Since insomnia can exacerbate your pain, make sure that you have enough sleep. Tight hamstrings (the muscles in your upper legs) can increase the pain in your back. Exercise this area of your body to relieve your pain. Engage in activities that give you joy. This can result in a better outlook on managing your pain.

  • Back pain specialists are hard to find.

True or False?

False: You can easily locate a pain doctor in New York or a pain doctor in New Jersey by contacting the Pain Treatment Clinic.  At this clinic there will be a pain doctor in NY or a pain doctor in NJ who specializes in back pain. Often these back pain doctors specialize in specific types of  pain such as knee or hip replacements or pain caused by a variety of diseases.

What are Some Treatments for My Back Pain?

Home Care

Short Term

  • Stop the activity that gives you pain.
  • Exercise your core gently to build muscles to support your spine properly.
  • Take over the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Apply hot and cold compresses.
  • Exercise your hamstrings.
  • Get a good night’s rest.
  • Try topical rubs to ease your pain.
  • Some supports for your back can be helpful.
  • Experience joyful moments to combat your pain

Long Term

  • Begin a weight loss program.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Start exercising your core every day.

Medical Care

There are a variety of specialists for both non-invasive and invasive back pain treatment. Your extensively trained back pain doctor is able to diagnose your condition and then consult with you about the options to suit your circumstances. Look for a back pain doctor at pain treatment centers in your area.

When you seek out a back pain doctor, the first step is to diagnose the problem that you are experiencing. Once the diagnosis is complete, your treatment will be different for soft tissue problems, bone abnormalities including a slipped disc, or a disease related back pain. Often treatment will consist of several approaches. Your back pain doctor will suggest the least invasive methods first since many symptoms of back pain are reduced with these approaches. However, if the problem lingers, there will be a number of further steps to take, even if they are more invasive. The goal is to either remove all pain or to manage the pain so that your lifestyle is not severely curtailed.

Non-Invasive Medical Care

  • Massage Therapy: A rehabilitative massage therapist has taken courses to address your specific pain issues. This massage is not the same as a recreational one you would find at a spa or on a cruise ship.
  • Physical Therapy: This therapy depends on hands-on manipulation, exercises and information to allow your body to heal itself.
  • Chiropractic Manipulation: Your chiropractor manipulates discs your spine to reposition them back to their proper placement. Once this has been completed, healing can take place.

Invasive Medical Care

  • Injections: Injections of a small amount of pain relief drugs along with anti-inflammatories can be very beneficial in managing your pain.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: When many other treatments are not successful you may progress to this procedure in which a low-level of electrical signal is administered to the nerves in your spinal cord to block the pain message from reaching your brain.
  • Surgery: Orthopedic surgeons undergo extensive training to perform surgery on your spine. At times they will fuse some discs to keep them from pressing on your spinal cord. At other times they will replace a disc, just like a hip or knee replacement.

Key Concepts

  • There are many different causes for back pain.
  • Since each person’s situation is unique, a clear diagnosis guides a proper treatment solution.
  • Your back pain doctor will explain various solutions in detail. If one treatment is unsuccessful, another can be tried.
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