Back Pain Treatments

Am I Getting Right Type of Back Pain Treatment??

 If your goal is to find the Best Back Doctors Near Me, look for a specialized pain doctor. Too often, chronic back pain sufferers rely on a primary care physician or a chiropractor to treat their pain.  In fact a board-certified pain physician is by far the best doctor for back pain.

A primary care physician can order an MRI to learn more about the causes of back pain. An orthopedic surgeon can address the bones in the spine. A neurosurgeon can operate on the spinal cord. A physiatrist can help with the muscles along the back. But only a pain specialist can take a comprehensive approach to your back pain.

What causes back pain?

Back pain can be due to a number of conditions. These include:

  • Muscle sprain or strain: Severe back pain that can last from days to weeks, often in the lower back and often caused by heavy lifting, twisting the wrong way or even sleeping in the wrong position. This pain can often be managed with physician therapy and anti-inflammatory medications, but if your pain lasts longer than a few weeks, see a back pain doctor in new York or new jersey right away.
  • Herniated disc and pinched nerve: The gel discs between the vertebra (spine bones) can slip out of place, putting pressure on the nerves that exit the spine. This can cause severe shooting pain down the back. A back pain doctor can diagnose and address disc disease right away.
  • Sciatica: Sciatica is a pinched nerve in the Lumbar (lower) spine. This causes a sharp pain that travels all the way down the leg. A dedicated pain physician can help find relief.
  • Compression fracture: A compression fracture, or broken spinal bone, can cause severe, dull, pain at any level within the spine. Usually a result of trauma or a fall, a compression fracture can be very uncomfortable.

Do I need surgery?

For most people, their greatest concern is that they might need surgery for their back pain. Before discussing the case with a neurosurgeon, consider a consultation with a back pain doctor. Our Harvard-trained, board-certified physicians offer minimally invasive treatments with no downtime. We focus on treatment tailored to the individual patient and we feel strongly that a specialized pain doctor is the best doctor for back pain.



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