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Pain Treatments

Neck Pain Treatments

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 Diseases, a one-time injury or small injuries that happen on a regular basis can cause your neck to hurt. If you need assistance of a medical nature due to neck pain, consult with a Board Certified Pain Doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists. An expert neck pain treatment physician will examine your neck and carefully identify the root cause of your pain. Here at Pain Treatment Specialists, we will create a customized treatment plan with zero down-time, and guide you towards recovery. Whether the cause of your neck pain is within a muscle ligament, joint or nerve, at Pain Treatment Specialists we have Harvard Trained neck pain doctors available at all times to properly identify your pain and treat it in the safest way possible.

Best Treatments for Neck Pain Relief

• Cervical epidural steroid injection: As the name suggests, this is an injection that is given to the epidural space of your spine and it involves a steroid. The specific spinal space consisting of irritated nerves is the epidural space. This injection is given to minimize pain and inflammation in your neck, arms, and shoulders. People who receive these shots normally have arthritis, spinal stenosis, and/or herniated discs that exert pressure on their nerves, causing pain, swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. When a cervical epidural steroid injection is provided, these symptoms can disappear.

• Cervical facet block injection: This is a good spinal treatment for neck pain as it is less invasive and quick. It is normally picked for sufferers of arthritis. The doctor targets certain facet joints in your cervical spine and injects them with a tiny amount of local anesthetic drug and steroid medicine. A pain management expert must use a fluoroscopic guide for proper imaging and after the shot, the facet joint is numbed and the pain is blocked. About one or two cervical facet block injections are enough in most cases.

• Trigger point injection: Trigger points, or “sensitive areas,” are usually found deep inside a connective tissue or muscle and ache when touched or overused. They appear in the form of knots or bands that occur when muscles are too contracted and can’t relax. There are trigger points in your shoulders and head too that can cause a lot of pain. To stop them from aching, these trigger points are deactivated with trigger point injections.

They entail a procedure where a tiny needle is inserted into a trigger point to deposit a local anesthetic drug and corticosteroid drug. Trigger point injections don’t have side effects or risks. They simply make the area inactive and pain free. A short treatment course will provide longer term pain relief. As the procedure is done in an outpatient basis, it takes a short period even when several areas must be treated.

Am I Getting the Right Neck Pain Treatment?

If your goal is to find the best neck pain doctors near you, then look for a specialized neck pain treatment doctor. Too often, chronic neck pain sufferers rely on a primary care physician or a chiropractor to treat their neck pain. In fact, a board-certified pain physician is by far the best option for a successful neck pain treatment. Our neck pain treatment locations. 

Board Certified

Harvard Trained

Making a Neck Pain Relief Appointment

During your neck pain relief appointment, one of our neck pain specialists will meet you for your consultation. During this time, the New York or New Jersey neck pain treatment team will learn more about your ailments and determine a course of action of neck treatment for you. Our doctor wіll ѕtаrt bу аѕkіng questions аѕѕосіаtеd to уоur gеnеrаl hеаlth аnd thеn specifically to the nаturе and ѕуmрtоmѕ of thе neck раіn. Once the doctor has identified the root cause of your discomfort, they will present you with a treatment plan.

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