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Knee Pain – When do I need a Knee Pain Doctor?

Knee pain is caused by many different things. Knee pain can be from stress from excess weight or repeated physical movement as might be experienced as a result of employment requirements. Another factor can be intense recreational or professional sports. If you suffer from chronic knee pain realize that this condition is prevalent but also understand that the causes can vary significantly. To receive a proper diagnosis and a comprehensive plan for treatment, consider seeking the advice of a pain treatment specialist. We will review the common causes of knee pain and also discuss some of the treatment options that are available to help you avoid surgery.

Know when you need a Knee Pain Doctor?

Knee Pain? Take advice from expert knee pain doctor.

  • What causes knee pain?

Since there are so many different causes for knee pain, there are also just as many different treatments. Knee pain can be as a result of injuries, mechanical problems, arthritis and other issues. Knee pain is also impacted by complicating matters, such as weight, your exercise regime, and demands of your work. An expert at a  Pain Treatment Specialists Center can fully explain each of these conditions and possible solutions to you.

Injuries: Your knee is one of the most complicated joints in your body. It is composed of bone such as the kneecap, as well as ligaments, tendons and fluid-filled sacs (bursae) that surround your knee joint. Any of these physical components can sustain an injury through an accident, repeated stress or poor health conditions. Some types of injuries are labeled  as ACL injury, torn meniscus, a fracture (of a bone), knee bursitis and patellar tendinitis. The one standard feature is that they are all painful.

Mechanical Problems: With these problems, part of the knee moves into a position that causes pain. For example,  a dislocated kneecap needs to be returned to its original location.

Arthritis: There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but the following are the most common: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pseudogout, and septic arthritis. Each of these types has a specific treatment

Other issues:  Another typical problem is called patellofemoral syndrome. Pain can occur between the patella and thighbone due to unusual gait in youth, in athletes or older adults who may have had arthritis. In all of these situations, the individual may have been initially  compensating for the pain that is now causing extra stress on the knees.

Complicating Factors: Excess weight, stress from sport or employment activities, lack of flexibility and previous injuries can all increase the amount of pain you feel.

  • What can I do about knee pain?

Pain Treatment Specialists Center determine the underlying causes. Once the reason is understood, you can move forward with the most suitable treatment.

  • What can I do to relieve the pain myself?

Take a good look at the circumstances of your life. In the short term, you may decide to treat any swelling by applying a cold pack and elevating your leg. You may want to take a break from any repeated activity that causes you pain. Some people find relief by using a brace, especially for any physical exertion. If you are overweight, consider losing those extra pounds.

  • When should I seek medical help from a pain doctor NY or a pain doctor NJ?

You may be able to relieve some of the pain through home care methods, but you should definitely seek immediate professional help  from a Pain Treatment Specialists Center if you

  • experience redness accompanying the swelling of your knee and you have a fever
  • encounter marked swelling in the area of your knee
  • can’t stand and put your full weight on your knee
  • cannot walk without fear of your knee giving out
  • cannot extend your leg fully
  • notice that the area has a large bump or swelling


  • What types of doctors treat knee pain?

Many types of medical specialists can take care of your problem: a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist and a dedicated knee pain doctor. But the most critical step in treatment is that you act as soon as you experience discomfort so that you are not aggravating the situation. Each of the doctors may have a variety of solutions, related to their specialty. If you understand the cause of your pain, you may be able to ascertain which type to see, but if you are uncertain of the underlying cause, you most likely want to seek the expertise of a dedicated knee pain doctor who will take the time to make a thorough analysis of your situation. It is possible to avoid taking narcotics or suffering the pain and inconvenience of surgery.

  • How will a dedicated knee pain doctor help me?

First and foremost, this specialist will determine the underlying factors that are giving you this chronic pain. From this starting point, they will recommend any number of treatments that will provide you with a customized plan specific for your condition. Hopefully, through the most modern treatment regimens, you will be able to avoid surgery or narcotics to relieve the pain. Some of the contemporary treatments include knee injections with several different types of medicine including medicine that provides pain relief and helps with long term knee healing. Each of these procedures will be explained entirely by the well-qualified doctors at the Pain Treatment Specialists Center. Some other doctors treat pain by prescribing narcotics for relief, but the goal of the clinic is to provide you with comfort without resorting to the type of medications that treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Relief of pain is paramount to a speedy recovery, but it does not always demand the use of narcotics which have many other severe negative consequences. It is possible to avoid the complications of surgery as well.

  • Where can I find this type of assistance?

You can locate a knee pain doctor New York or a knee pain doctor New Jersey at a Pain Treatment Specialists Center. These clinics focus on treating your pain in the least intrusive manner without the unnecessary use of narcotics or surgery. Why not seek out a treatment focuses on the center of the pain first?


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