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This is a disease that affects the bones and when translated from Latin, it means “porous bones.” If you look inside a bone that has not been damaged, it will resemble a honeycomb. As the space gets larger, the bone becomes less dense and will not be as strong. At the same time, the exterior weakens and osteoporosis will be diagnosed, and you will need osteoporosis treatment. Although no age group can escape this, it does tend to afflict older people and women more than men.

It is believed that there are around 53 million people in the United States that suffer or are likely to suffer from it. It will be one of the knee pain causes only if a bone is broken. A major risk once this has developed will be broken bones and this will be during day to day life. It will not be a sport injury but just as a result of walking. It tends to be hips, wrists, ribs and spinal bones that suffer most and require osteoporosis treatment.

Symptom of osteoporosis

To begin with there will not be any symptoms, and the first that you will know about it will be when you do break a bone, and this can be one of the knee pain causes. There are certain things that will be seen as a giveaway and they include:

  • Damaged and weak nails.
  • Inability to grip as well as in the past
  • Your gums begin to recede

If there are people in the family that suffer from osteoporosis, it will be worth discussing this with a medical professional and they will assess you and determine what can be done when it comes to osteoporosis treatment.

When Osteoporosis Gets Worse

When the correct treatment is not given, the condition can become worse. There are going to be more fractures as the bones decrease in density. When you fall there is the risk of a fracture even if it is not a heavy fall. Sometimes damage can even be caused when there is a hearty cough. Weight loss often happens, and pain will be felt in the neck and back. Compression fractures are common and caused purely by the pressure that is felt in the spine. They can also be seen as one of the knee pain causes. The good news is that healing may not always take a long time, but there can be times when there is a delay. This can be due to:

  • Age
  • Location of the fracture
  • Overall health and medical history

Pictures of the results of osteoporosis

When you see a normal healthy bone compared to one that is affected by osteoporosis, you will understand why the damage occurs. One of the knee pain causes will be damage to the bone.

Causes of osteoporosis

  • Age – This is the main cause. Throughout our lives, old bone is replaced by new bone and when we are young there is no problem. As we age the new bone does not appear as quickly as the old bone disintegrates. Along with the lack of density comes the lack of strength and a propensity to breaking.
  • Menopause – This tends to start around the age of 45 and is due to the reduction of hormones. This is the reason that women suffer more than men. It is a later and slower process for men, but there is parity by the time they all reach 70.
  • Medication – Some items that help with health issues can be a cause of osteoporosis. Steroids and other corticosteroids will be problematic, but will not cause it alone. The longer the tablets are taken, the worse the effects can be. Often it is a risk that has to be taken; so, if you think your medication is causing it, speak to your doctor. Medication with aluminum can be a cause as can chemotherapy drugs. If you take Lithium or heparin, there is a risk and the same if you take antiseizure drugs. Steroids and thyroid hormones can also leave you at risk.

Who is at the most risk?

  • Women
  • being over 45years
  • Asian or Caucasian heritage
  • Hereditary
  • Poor diet and exercise regime
  • Medication
  • Small frame and weight

As you can see from the list, there are certain things that you can control as if you eat well and take exercise, it may not occur. Unfortunately, there are at least as many where you are powerless including age, gender and family history. When these are the causes, it will be harder to provide treatment.

What is Senile Osteoporosis?

While many people think that this is a separate condition, it is simply the name given when the cause is aging and nothing else. As we know the body will react this way as we get older, it is important that we do all we can to prevent it in the first instance, and deal with what cannot be prevented. Research from the International Osteoporosis Foundation show that around 1 in 10 women of 60 years old suffer and 4 out of 10 by the time they are 80 years old. Thus, there are a lot of people who will be requiring osteoporosis treatment.

Testing Bone Density

The test will involve research into your medical history plus an examination by the doctor. Often urine and blood tests will be run and if there are signs of the condition, you will be sent for a bone density test. A bone densitometry will be carried out and it involves x-rays being taken to show how dense the bones are at the spine, wrists and hips. In all, it can take half an hour at the most and will be painless.

Treatment for Osteoporosis and Slipped Disc

Once the results are back and the condition confirmed, a treatment plan will have to be devised. You will be advised to change your lifestyle, if there is a chance to make improvements that way and also you will be prescribed medication. Vitamin D is a help and where possible, this should be added to the diet. If the exercise you do appears to be on of your knee pain causes, speak to the doctor and see what they suggest you do instead. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this, but the correct help can improve the quality of life a lot. Osteoporosis treatment helps a lot of sufferers to still have a good quality of life. When dealt with correctly, there is the chance that new bone can be produced and to a degree the condition slowed down.

Medication for Osteoporosis

Bisphosphonates are considered to be one of the best drugs to use when considering treatment. It is possible to get them in tablet form, but they can also be administered via an injection. When you think that osteoporosis is one of your knee pain causes, then you should find relief through this medication. Examples of the items you may be given include:

  • Fosamax – alendronate
  • Reclast – zoledronic
  • Boniva – ibandronate

While the three already mentioned are the main medications when looking for osteoporosis treatment, there are others. There will be hormone treatments, and men may find that their bones become thicker with testosterone treatment and women may benefit from added estrogen, especially when they reach the other side of the menopause. Estrogen may have to be given in small amounts as there is the risk of heart problems, blood clots and even cancer. That would be a high price to pay to deal with the cause of your pain. Evista can be used instead as this is less risky, although not risk free.

While bisphosphonates are seen as good drugs to use, Denosumab is showing signs of being an injection that will have even better results and help to prevent bone loss even more. Forteo is also going to improve bone growth when injected, and if you prefer a nasal spray, then Fortical and Miacalcin sprays are a form of osteoporosis treatment that will cut down the speed that the bone is reabsorbed. As you would imagine, prescription medication is one of the firmest forms of osteoporosis treatment, but the risk of cancer must always be considered.

Natural Solutions for Osteoporosis Treatment

Due to the side effects that have been mentioned, it is likely that there will be the desire to try natural forms of treatment to deal with your knee pain causes. Osteoporosis treatment can include supplements such as soy, black cohosh and red clover, but they should not be tried without a discussion with the doctor. There are reasons why they may not deal with your knee pain causes or slipped disc issues and they are:

  • Lack of research. As there have not been many studies carried out, it is hard to say whether they do make any difference and it would be wrong to delay trying a more proven osteoporosis treatment for what could be little more than a placebo.
  • There are side effects here as well and knowing knee pain causes does not mean that you can take anything. There is a risk that the natural remedy and any medication used may not work well together and in the worst of cases could be dangerous.

It could be that you want to try them for a short period of time to see what happens, as some people do appear to have had good results when taking them.

Diet as a Treatment

There are certain foods and supplements that will help with knee pain causes and be one of the best osteoporosis treatments. Vitamin D and calcium have long been known as good for bones, but if you can add zinc, vitamin K and magnesium, there should be better results. You should discuss food with your doctor and let them give you advice about either what to eat or whether you will benefit from dealing with a dietician.

Osteoporosis and Exercise

Weight bearing exercises are the ones to focus on, and when combined with the right diet, should be an effective treatment. You will have to take into account that one of your knee pain causes can be too much use, but only when it is the wrong sort of use. Good exercise to carry out can include:

  • Squats and push-ups
  • Stair climbing
  • Machines that cause resistance.

When you do this, your muscles will work to pull and push up to your bones. They will react by listening to the body telling them that they need to regenerate. In addition to this, your weight can improve and if your body is strong and you have improved balance, there is less risk that bones will be broken as a result of falls. You could rid yourself of knee pain causes quote easily. Exercising should be with the consent and approval of your doctor and as long as you get the OK, you can carry out exercises at home.

Preventing Osteoporosis

As you cannot alter your age and gender, you need to concentrate on areas where you can control them. These include:

  • Considering hormone therapy if you are female
  • Not smoking
  • Carrying out the recommended exercises.
  • Including Vitamin D and calcium in the diet.



This is not the same as osteoporosis and will not be dealt with in the same way. If it does lead to osteoporosis, then the aforementioned types of osteoporosis treatment can be carried out.

Final word

There are a lot of life changing issues that come with osteoporosis, such as the pain from fractures and the inconvenience of recovery. Too much rest brings the risk of infections and the loss of salary if you are still working. If you eat the right food and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can lessen the risk to a degree. Your pain doctor should be included in any decision you make and should be contacted as soon as you become concerned. It is a common disease and there is a lot of help out there.

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