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Back pain is a health problem that most people experience at least once in their lifetime. It can get so severe that one can miss work or go straight to a pain doctor in their area. On the other hand, mild backache can disappear overtime with just simple self-help measures. In case efforts to cure pain at home fail, it will be best to consult a doctor in the top walk in pain clinics near me. Pain in the back that refuses to end could indicate a serious root cause, such as disc herniation, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and spinal tumor and so on. It is therefore advisable to consider what doctor to see for back pain if your pain stays.

While a family doctor can help, he or she might end up referring you to a specialist pain doctor near you. One thing should be clear though, backache doesn’t always require surgery. Bouts of pain don’t necessarily mean that you will only get better if your back is operated on. Once your pain doctor carries out the diagnosis and finds out the cause of your backache, he or she will suggest the right cure. Prior to recommending surgery, other conventional cures will be prescribed.

What signs indicate a bad back?

To know if you should start looking for the top walk in pain clinics near me online, check if you have these symptoms.

  • Your back muscle is aching
  • You feel stabbing or shooting pain
  • Your pain seems to move down your leg/legs.
  • Your pain seems to worsen when you bend, lift, stand or walk.
  • Your backache gets better with reclining; chances are that it’s due to spinal stenosis.

While most types of back pain heal gradually with self-help cures at home, pain that goes beyond six weeks should be investigated further. If your pain has been increasing no matter what you do, it is time to find out what doctor to see for back pain. Although only in rare cases, backache can identify a serious health problem that would require immediate medical help. Such dangerous health issues can include cauda equina syndrome, which happens when spinal stenosis affects the upper part of your lumbar spine (T1-L1 level) or when there is a malignant spinal tumor. If it is the case, you are likely to notice that your back pain is accompanied by these symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Sudden lack of bowel or bladder control
  • Feel pain, numb, or weak in one or both legs that make it hard for you to get up from a chair or make you stumble as you walk.

If you have uncontrollable backache after a sudden fall or injury to the back, get in touch with a great pain doctor at once. As well, go to one of the leading walk in pain clinics near me right away if your backache:

  • Is so intense even after taking a rest.
  • Behaves like either sciatica pain or sacroiliac joint pain. This is pain that radiates down your legs. If it is sciatica, it will travel from your lower back to the buttock, back of thigh and lower leg and/or feet. Pain due to SJ doesn’t move beyond the back of thigh or knee. By seeing a pain doctor, you can tell whether you have sciatica or SJ pain.
  • Makes one or both legs so weak, numb or tingly.
  • Causes strange weight loss.

Are you fifty or beyond and are having pain in your back for the first time? This is a good reason to call or visit one of the top walk in pain clinics near me. It is also advisable to tell your doctor whether you have had cancer before, or if you use drugs, alcohol and steroids excessively. Do you have a case of known osteoporosis? If that’s so, then it would be best to tell your pain management doctor about it.

Why do people have back pain?

Back pain has several causes and while some take years to cause real harm, others trigger sudden pain. If you have pain that ends in about six weeks, it is of acute nature. Backache that lasts longer than three months is called chronic and while it is rare, it can be so unbearable. There can also be a case of unexplained back pain and only one of the best walk in pain clinics near me will know what to do. When backache is due to certain health conditions, they might include the following:

  • Arthritis – This disease is characterized by inflammation and pain and mostly affects the lower back or lumbar spine area. Arthritis can cause spinal stenosis—refers to narrowing of the spinal cord. It is a degenerative disease that mostly affects the spinal discs. Most walk in pain clinics near me will use certain medicines to control back arthritis.
  • Scoliosis – This is one of the most common skeletal irregularities and it occurs when your spine curves to the side. It affects people mostly when they reach their middle age and can cause back pain.
  • Osteoporosis – This is a health condition that makes bones porous and breakable. If it affects the vertebrae in your back, they can develop what is commonly known as compression fractures. And if there are fractured bones, pain will result and seeing a perfect pain doctor is a must.
  • Degenerative disc disease – This occurs when spinal discs lose their hydration and are unable to continue cushioning the vertebrae. Degenerative disc disease is part of a normal aging process and the wear and tear it comes with. Other problems can crop up due to this disease, including nerve pinching, arthritis that may affect a facet joint, disc herniation and so on. Degenerative disc disease is incidentally found when a doctor is doing spinal X-rays to look for totally different spinal issues. Note that some people can have a herniated (also called ruptured or bulging discs) disc without pain in the back. But if this particular disc pinches or compresses a nerve, a lot of pain can result.
  • Spinal stenosis –This is when the spinal cord begins to become narrow and it happens mostly because of aging. It can cause pain if there are bone spurs or herniated discs that are pushing into the spinal canal. And if there are bone spurs or ruptured discs, one the best walk in pain clinics near me will search for arthritis in your back as it is the main cause of these.

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned health conditions that lead to back pain, chances are that you have a ligament or muscle strain. This commonly occurs when a heavy load is lifted unsafely or when a person makes a sudden back twist that strains their muscles and ligaments. Painful muscle spasms can also affect someone who has constant strain in their back due to being in a poor physical condition. The only way to discover whether you have a muscle or ligament strain is to see a good pain doctor in your area.

Who is at risk of having back pain?

All people, including young children can develop back pain. However, some people have a bigger risk of developing backache because of the following:

  • Advancement in age. In most cases, people start to feel pain when they are about thirty to forty years of age.
  • Being inactive. Lack of exercise can make your back and abdominal muscles weak, leading to pain.
  • Carrying excess weight. A lot of weight can strain your back and cause pain.
  • Women who are expecting a child are more prone to backache than those who are not pregnant.
  • Having certain diseases. Some health conditions, including cancer and arthritis can trigger back pain.
  • Unsafe heavy lifting. If your work entails lifting, it is extremely important to learn how to lift safely.
  • Being a smoker. It is best to quit smoking the soonest you can as it can reduce blood flow to the lower back area. This will prevent your lumbar spine discs from receiving adequate nutrients, leading to the start of the degeneration process. Another point any pain doctor would like you to know is that smoking tends to slow down the process of healing.
  • Depression and stress –If you have any of these conditions, your risk of back pain is greater. It will be best to look for smarter ways to deal with excessive stress.

What doctor to see for back pain

To be completely open and honest about your backache, you should first find the best walk in pain clinics near me and make sure they have perfect doctors. The best back specialists are the ones who can offer you a wide range of treatment methods for acute or chronic back pain. A good medical team for people with back issues includes the following professionals:

  • Primary care doctor – Most people have primary care doctors they consult about any health problem. This makes the primary care doctor the first medical professional who is likely to know about your back pain. If your pain gets chronic and doesn’t respond to non-surgical treatments, your primary care doctor will refer you to a back pain doctor or surgeon.
  • Back surgeon – Usually a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, a back surgeon is a professional who has received extensive medical training and is found in some of the most trusted walk in pain clinics near me. He or she can diagnose various back issues and refer you to other back specialists if you don’t need a surgical operation. On the other hand, the surgeon will perform the correct type of back surgery to correct the cause of pain. Alternatively, they can utilize given devices for giving chronic pain therapy: pain pumps and neurostimulators. If your primary care doctor at one of the top walk in pain clinics near me sends you to a back surgeon, it does not mean that you will be operated on. Most surgeons are known not to offer surgical treatment to over two thirds of their patients.
  • Pain management specialist – The main goal a pain management expert wants to achieve is to enhance your quality of life. Along with other members of your medical team, this pain doctor will coordinate your health care: diagnosis, treatment and follow up. One of the best pain management doctors around is Michael Nguyen and he is the professional you should get in touch with.
  • Occupational therapist – Also known as a physical therapist, an occupational therapist’s chief role is to help a back pain victim exercise safely and effectively. As well, their help is much needed if one is recovering from back surgery and wants to make daily activities more manageable. An occupational therapist is well trained to treat individual cases of back discomfort and can work with your pain expert to create the best treatment plan.

How to avoid visiting walk in pain clinics near me again

Back discomfort can be so devastating that nobody would want to experience it again. If you are currently trying to treat your backache or have done it successfully, there are things to you can do to avoid dealing with some of the best walk in pain clinics near me in the near future. These things have everything to do with keeping your back healthier and stronger and include the following:

  • Regular low impact workouts. These are exercises that cannot jolt or stress your back. For instance, you can increase your muscle strength and endurance in your spine by walking or swimming regularly. If need be, your pain doctor will get you a perfect physical therapist to help you exercise your body.
  • Keep your weight healthy. By eating a more balanced diet and exercising, you can keep your weight low and healthy.
  • Stop smoking. It is never easy to quit smoking, yes, but you can look for tricks that most people use to do it successfully.
  • Lift safely. It is important to avoid heavy lifting when your back is already too fragile. If your job involves it, however, it is important to use your legs and spare your back. So you will bend your legs at the knee while keeping your back totally straight. If the load is too heavy to lift alone, get a person to help you.
  • Maintain a great posture when you are standing up or sitting down. When it comes to picking a proper chair, get one with a lumbar spine support, swivel base and armrests. Knees and hips should align perfectly when you get seated. To avoid extreme fatigue, get up on your feet every thirty minutes. If standing up for several hours, hold a neutral pelvic position and then place one foot on a low footstool to take some load off your lumbar spine area. This will reduce strain on your back muscles.


As there are numerous people suffering from back pain, several backache relief products are being sold online. These come in different forms, including shoes and belts. So, we would request you to locate one of the leading walk in pain clinics near me online and offline and then start proper medical treatment with a well trained back specialist. If there is stuff you will purchase online, it should be something that your pain doctor has recommended.

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