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Should people worry about having back pain? Perhaps you are among those who are asking this question. First, most types of back pain go away without treatment and muscle knots can hurt a lot but are not risky. On the other hand, you might have a serious problem that might require the attention of a back pain doctor New Jersey. This is the kind of pain that affects the lumbar spine or lower back area. While it is rare, it does happen to some people and is often due to presence of cancer, an autoimmune disease or a bunch of other scary infections. Another point to note is that for people who are over fifty-five years, severe backache could turn out to be a fracture. And in such a case, only one in one hundred cases is more fatal. If you are not fifty-five years or over, chances are that your backache can be cured. Simply work out a proper treatment plan with a reliable back pain specialist New Jersey area.

How can you tell that your back pain is chronic but not deadly?

Besides getting in touch with a pain management New Jersey expert, you can look for signs of mild or severe pain in your back. One thing you should keep on your fingertips is that pain can be chronic but not dangerous. It will hurt so much but it won’t kill you. On the other hand, when lower backache is triggered by some disease, it has the ability to take your life. Hence, lumbar pain is worrying only when it is triggered by something that could kill or make the victim disabled. Any back pain doctor New Jersey will tell you that deaths due to backaches are infrequent. Back pain can be debilitating, especially, if it is consistent and unbearable. It can take away your joy of living and make it hard for you to go to work. Additionally, treating chronic back pain can be so brutal economically and is capable of making anyone feel so miserable.

Types of the worst back pain you can suffer from

According to the best back pain specialist New Jersey, worst of all triggers of back pain are less common. But when they attack, they cause symptoms that every victim will fear. These are the worst causes of lumbar spine pain:

  • A cancerous spine tumor – This can affect the spine itself or grow near it. When it does, the pain can grow slowly without being interrupted by your back posture or daily activities. However, it will worsen when sleeping at night and might show symptoms of being sick. As well, a tumor can cause pain when you are carrying something heavy on your back.
  • An infection of the spine – If it happens, it normally develops close to spinal components or inside of them. This sort of infection is usually difficult to detect and can continue for a long period. An infection can first cause a well-defined tender area. This area will then develop an incredibly deep constant ache that will send you straight to the back pain specialist New Jersey treatment center. It might as well make your spine more rigid, start a fever and/or cause a sensation of being ill.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis – This refers to an inflammatory condition of the pelvis area or spine. Usually occurring as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis is a long term back problem that could begin prior to reaching middle age and then progress gradually and intermittently. Ankylosing spondylitis discomfort feels better when the victim is involved in an activity and worsens when they take prolonged rest. It is as well accompanied by prolonged stiffness in the morning and the discomfort can radiate to adjacent areas. This type of problem affects more men than women.
  • Abdominal aneurysm – It is a condition that is characterized by a swelling of a large artery closer to the spine. If this is what you have, then your pain will be in rhythm with your heart’s pulse. All the same, abdominal aneurysm tends to affect people who are at risk of developing a heart disease. These are the obese, aged, diabetics and hypertensive smokers.
  • Cauda equine syndrome – This is when the lowest area of your spinal cord is pinched. In such a situation, one develops other problems that make their day-to-day life difficult. These are: weakness in legs, inability to hold your fecal matter and facing difficulties when urinating. Cauda equine syndrome is normally triggered by cancer, infection, ruptured discs and injury/trauma to the lower back area.

The above-mentioned conditions are not prevalent, but they do happen to some people. Thus, you need to know if one of them is the cause of your constant backache and the best way out is to visit the right back pain doctor New Jersey State, including the one owned by Dr.Faisal Mahmood and his team of experts.

Did you know that the most excruciating backache is hardly the most frightening?

Numerous sufferers of back discomfort assume that the most agonizing pain is the kind that should worry them the most. While it is okay to feel this way, people should know that the degree of pain felt is often a poor pointer of the back pain’s ability to kill or cause disability. Additionally, some of the worst causes of backache we have listed above are the least painful. Hence, you can have them in your lower back without suspecting and we all generally ignore a little pain in our backs.

Later on, however, we can go down with a severe back injury that causes permanent consequences— such as death or disability. So, when the pain is so terrible, don’t worry as it will most likely not maim your back or kill you. It could just be a muscle cramp or an injury to a soft tissue that is making you feel unbearable pain. Prior to seeing your back pain doctor New Jersey, don’t guess that since your back is so bad, it might lead to irreversible consequences. If your trigger points–small muscle cramps, are acting up, pain will be a lot yet these are not dangerous. So, have your pain management New Jersey doctors trace the origin of your lower backache first.

What backache cases should you take to a back pain doctor New Jersey clinic?

There are generally two cases that must never be ignored. While they don’t necessary cause terrible consequences, it’s extremely essential to involve a reputable back pain specialist New Jersey. First, if you ever experience a brutal accident that might cause fractures in the back, go to the emergency room right away. Next, if you experience real numbness or incontinence around the butt and the groin areas, in what back doctors call a saddle pattern, have yourself examined by a good back pain doctor New Jersey area.

True numbness feeling around your private parts and buttocks might mean that your bladder or bowel controls have failed. Thus, this can suggest a serious situation that might not go away on its own. Still, the same symptoms might have nothing to do with your bowels and/or bladder control and everything to do with a spinal cord trauma or pinch. If that’s the case, you need immediate medical help from the most trusted back pain specialist New Jersey professionals. If you have had a recent or a past accident with a great impact, chances are that it caused a spinal fracture or dislocation. If that’s the situation, your back must be checked by a well-trained expert via X-rays to detect a fracture or a related problem. If a fracture is not confirmed, one could get paralysed if it is actually there.

Persistent lumbar spine backache – when it is nothing so serious

Until three main indicators of severe back problems are confirmed, you should not worry so much. First of all, if your back pain has not been bothering you for over six weeks, roughly, it’s probably not that serious. Secondly, if the pain in your back is severe and has not shown improvement so far, it is something that requires further investigation by the best back pain doctor New Jersey. Thirdly, if your pain seems to be accompanied by one or more symptoms that are considered red flags, you must get examined thoroughly and accurately as soon as possible. These red flags are just indicators that you might be having an undiagnosed illness that is causing backache as a symptom. The red flags that your backache could be the result of a life threatening condition include the following:

  • When your spine is tapped lightly, pain is felt
  • Fever and chills and you don’t have an explainable disease
  • If there is pain in your upper back, which puts all of us in danger of having cancer
  • You have lost a lot of weight suddenly without a known cause. The cause could be cancer.
  • You have HIV or a habit of abusing steroids or drugs
  • Lower back pain plus signs of feeling sick could indicate an infection that is in progress.
  • If you are below the age of forty years and have been noticing signs of an autoimmune disease that keeps on increasing.
  • If tingling or numbness travels down both legs and gets worse when you lift something.
  • Urine incontinence, bowels incontinences, a dragging toe (foot drop), weakness in legs and numbness around your groin are bad signs that should be checked by a good back pain specialist New Jersey. They can be an indicator of a neurological problem.

It is imperative to note that the aforesaid red flags do not necessarily indicate a serious or a deadly back problem. They just need to be assessed closely and keenly to make sure that they don’t signal a gradually progressing disease. However, there are symptoms that can also be noted because of a common health problem or dieting, including weight loss. Any other sign that seem to worsen your backache and lasts for several weeks needs to be examined by a back pain doctor New Jersey expert.

What if it’s cancer that your pain management New Jersey finds?

In their early stages, most types of cancers are hard to differentiate with a common backache. One type of cancer that affects people is the vertebrae cancer and it is so hard to diagnose. As this cancer and others are rare, most back specialists hardly think of them when looking for the real cause of low back pain. If cancer is the true cause of your backache, it’s rather obvious that soon it will worsen and you will be forced to call your back pain specialist New Jersey once again. If you are found with the cancer of the spine, there is nothing you can do but let your back physician treat it. It goes without saying that having cancer is scaring, yet your only hope to live is the actions that your pain management New Jersey experts can quickly take.


Back pain can vary in terms of intensity and how long it has been going on. It’s obvious that when a lot of pain is felt in the back or another body part, the victims’ hope of being healthy once again dwindles. We want you know to that a lot of backache does not necessarily mean that you are going to die of some horrible disease or live with a disability. As well, when your back pain is mild and manageable, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a reason to see the top back pain doctor New Jersey offers.

A little pain could be triggered by a tumor, ankylosing spondylitis or another cause and in such a case, it will worsen one day in future and by then you will have a bigger issue to solve. Thus, mild, persistent, sharp, and dull or another sort of backache should be examined by a qualified back pain specialist New Jersey like Dr. Faisal Mahmood. Being examined is a proper way of having the peace of mind you need when you have a trouble with your back. This doctor will put you on medication or operate on you depending on what’s causing pain in your back.

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