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Clifton Pain Doctors Provide Outstanding Pain Management

Jan 22, 2020
Advice From Our Diplomat-Certified Doctors

In Nordic culture, the practice of hygge (pronounced who-gah) is the art of being cozy and happy in the wintertime. Many people practice the art of hygge by drinking their favorite tea by a roaring fire, cuddling up under a furry blanket with a good book, or lighting a room-filling candle to set a glowing mood. If you live in New York or New Jersey, then you know that winter can last much longer than your patience, so learning to accept the fact that winter is going to be around for a while is better than trying to battle it! However, if you suffer from chronic pain, there’s no amount of tea, blankets, or candles that will make you feel any cozier when the temperature drops. Both acute and chronic pain can turn even the best plans for the evening into a never-ending, tossing and turning session where you can never quite feel comfortable.

Pain management completed at home can only alleviate chronic pain for a short amount of time. In order to find long-term pain relief, it’s best to seek the medical advice of a board-certified interventional pain doctor, such as the expert team at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our pain management specialists, who are the top Clifton pain doctors, utilize minimally-invasive interventional pain plans to provide long-lasting pain relief. While scheduling an appointment with your regular certified physician is a good start, you should seek the medical advice of an interventional pain doctor to find, and fix, the source of your chronic pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our Clifton pain doctors are trained in cutting-edge pain treatments (covered by most insurance plans) designed specifically for your chronic pain concerns.

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Who Are the Top Clifton Pain Doctors?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, you can be assured that our Clifton pain doctors are the top pain management doctors in the area. Not only are our pain management specialists interventional pain experts, but they also care deeply about each patient’s current level of chronic pain. Finding a team of doctors who are sympathetic to patients’ chronic pain concerns is what makes our Clifton pain doctors the best in New Jersey. At our Clifton office, you’ll have the pleasure of working with:

  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi is a Harvard-trained physician with a clinical practice focused on pain treatment medicine. She completed her Interventional Pain Medicine fellowship at Harvard University, and her expertise is regularly on display at national medical conventions and conferences, where she speaks about pain medicine. As a Clifton pain doctor, Dr. Lombardi is double board-certified in both Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology, and has specialized training in a wide variety of minimally-invasive procedures, such as fluoroscopic guided interventional pain treatment injections. Dr. Lombardi looks forward to treating residents of New Jersey suffering from chronic pain as a Clifton pain doctor who cares about patients’ acute and chronic pain.
  • Dr. Shane Volney: Another top Clifton pain doctor is Dr. Shane Volney, who completed his Pain Management fellowship at The Massachusetts General Hospital– Harvard Medical School. This was followed by a fellowship in Palliative Medicine at Harvard. After completing his medical training, Dr. Volney was appointed as a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, all while contributing chapters to academic textbooks and authoring scientific articles on pain management. What makes Dr. Volney a top Clifton pain doctor? In addition to his impeccable training, Dr. Volney creates comprehensive and tailored pain management plans for each of his clients.

If you’re looking for the best Clifton pain doctors, look no further than the Harvard-trained team at Pain Treatment Specialists, the most highly-regarded Clifton pain doctors.

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How Can My Clifton Pain Doctor Provide Chronic Pain Relief?

Pain management doctors utilize a wide variety of minimally-invasive pain management treatments to treat chronic pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top Clifton pain doctors, our board-certified pain management specialists determine which treatment works most effectively for their chronic pain. Some of the interventional pain management treatments offered by our top team of Clifton pain doctors include:

  • Cervical Facet Block Injection: Suffering from chronic pain? A cervical facet block injection can provide instant relief. If you suffer from arthritis, a cervical facet joint injection uses a small amount of local anesthetic and steroid medicine to target the facet joints in your cervical spine. The result? This fast-acting injection numbs pain almost immediately.
  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection: This injection reduces pain in your neck, shoulders, and arms. A cervical epidural steroid injection is administered in the epidural space in your spine and delivers a steroid-based drug. Even though this injection is minimally-invasive, it should only be administered by a top Clifton pain doctor, such as the team at Pain Treatment Specialists.


Why Should I Avoid Surgery to Treat Chronic Pain?

Not only is surgery painful and invasive, but it also can cause a loss of income. Knee, back, neck, and shoulder surgeries are no piece of cake, and can take you out of work for weeks at a time. There is also no guarantee that just one surgery will fix your chronic pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top Clifton pain doctors, our interventional pain doctors work to use cutting-edge treatments such as injections and ablations to avoid surgery.

Stay cozy and celebrate hygge this winter, with the goal of ending your chronic pain by the time daffodils poke their yellow heads through the spring snow. Contact Clifton pain doctors Pain Treatment Specialists to see how you can comfortably enjoy the winter months.

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Dr. Novak
Contributing Author

Dr. George Hanna

Harvard Trained  |  Board-Certified Pain Specialist
Dr. George Hanna is a Harvard Trained and Board Certified Pain Treatment Specialist. He is highly seek for his minimally invasive pain management treatments; allowing patients to achieve pain relief without unnecessary surgery. Dr. Hanna offers the latest treatments for pain relief at  Manhattan NY & NJ Pain Center.

Meet our

Board Certified Team


Meet our Board Certified team

pain management doctors
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Hanna MD

Double Board Certified
Director of Pain Management
Harvard Medical School
Dr. George Hanna is a nationally recognized pain management specialist and Double Board Certified in anesthesiology and pain management medicine. Dr. Hanna is currently available at Pain Treatment Specialists in Manhattan. He is now accepting most major medical insurances, including Medicare.

Nguyen MD

Triple Board Certified
Harvard Medical SChool
Dr. Michael Nguyen is world renowned in Pain Medicine. Dr. Nguyen completed his residency and advanced Pain fellowship training at Harvard Medical School. During his tenure at Harvard, Dr. Nguyen was awarded the “Mentor of the Year” and also “Teacher of the Year” award. After finishing at Harvard, Dr. Michael Nguyen taught for two years at Harvard – training new graduates on the latest modern advances in interventional pain management for multiple pain ailments.
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