What Are the Best Home Remedies for Knee Pain?

Any joint pain can make it difficult to participate in your normal daily activities, but knee pain is particularly debilitating. Fortunately, there are a variety of home remedies for knee pain that you can try. If these don’t provide lasting relief, a knee pain doctor can offer additional treatment options to ensure that you are pain-free.

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Knee Pain can be Debilitating – Seek Help Today

Top 5 Home Remedies for Knee Pain

The best treatment for knee pain depends on the underlying cause of the issue. Depending on the source of your pain, your knee pain specialist may recommend trying the following home remedies for knee pain:

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) – The RICE method is taught in every first-aid class, because it is an effective way to reduce pain and swelling from strains and sprains. Use an ace bandage to wrap your knee securely, but make sure that it isn’t so tight that blood flow is interrupted. Elevate the area above your heart and apply ice packs to keep swelling down. Give your knee a day or two of rest before resuming your normal activities.
  • Gentle Exercise/Physical Therapy – In some cases, knee pain responds well to gentle exercise. In more serious cases, the best knee pain doctors recommend formal physical therapy, so that you can learn targeted exercises to strengthen the area and reduce your pain.
  • NSAIDs – These over-the-counter medications can be used to treat a variety of minor aches and pains. Examples of NSAIDs include aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), and naproxen (Aleve).
  • Supplements – Certain dietary supplements are thought to be effective natural remedies for knee pain. Some of these include ginger, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, omega-3, and green tea. Be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before you add them to your diet.
  • Weight Loss – Extra weight puts pressure on your knees, which can lead to chronic knee pain. Bringing your weight down can reduce or eliminate your knee pain.

If natural remedies for knee pain don’t solve your problem, schedule an appointment with a specialized knee pain doctor. These experts can offer additional solutions to get knee pain under control.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Sometimes, natural remedies for knee pain must be combined with medical treatment to resolve the issue. The specific method of treatment depends on the underlying cause of your condition. These are some of the most common causes of knee pain:

  • Acute Injury – Knee pain may be caused by an acute injury, so the issue comes on rapidly. For example, a broken bone, a torn ligament, or a meniscus tear will put you out of commission until the area heals. These types of injuries are typically the result of an accident, such as a fall, a car crash, or a sports mishap.
  • Overuse or Chronic Condition – Your knees are hard workers, making them susceptible to pain from overuse. Over time, it is also possible for knees to develop a chronic condition that causes you discomfort. Examples of issues that can lead to chronic pain include osteoarthritis, tеndіnіtіѕ, burѕіtіѕ, and раtеllаr ѕуndrоmеѕ.
  • Medical Conditions – In some cases, you may suffer from a medical condition that affects multiple parts of your body, including your knees. For example, infections and arthritis can cause knee pain.

Getting an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of your knee pain is critical for choosing an effective treatment. That’s why it is so important to make an appointment with an experience knee pain doctor (New Jersey). These experts specialize in assessing your symptoms and performing a thorough examination to ensure that they correctly identify the underlying source of your pain. Once this step is complete, they can offer you advanced treatment options that complement the natural remedies for knee pain you are already using.

Advanced Solutions for Treating Knee Pain

The best knee pain doctors know that surgery is a last resort for most patients. Invasive procedures can disrupt your daily activities for months. Instead, they focus on the many non-surgical techniques that have been made possible by recent medical advances. A dedicated pain specialist may suggest one or more of the following:

  • Stеrоіd Knее Injесtіоn – This treatment involves an injection of соrtісоѕtеrоіdѕ, a medication that is helpful in reducing inflammation that causes pain.
  • Gеnісulаr Nеrvе Blосk – Otherwise known as G-Blосk, this is a relative newcomer to the field of pain management. It works by preventing the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain.
  • Radiofrequency Ablаtіоn оf Gеnісulаr Nеrvе – In some cases, the best way to stop your knee pain is to permanently prevent the nerves from sending pain signals. This can be done through radiofrequency ablаtіоn оf the gеnісulаr nеrvе.
  • Iоvеrа – This is a medical device that uses the power of cold temperatures to treat pain. It is a more efficient and effective method of applying the same principles that make ice packs a go-to pain remedy.
  • Hуаlurоnіс Acid Suррlеmеntѕ – Your body already makes Hуаlurоnіс Acid. This procedure adds a bit more to your knee joint to enhance the pain-relieving effects of the substance.
  • Arthrocentesis – If excessive fluid in your knee is causing swelling and pain, Arthrocentesis can help. This procedure removes some of the fluid to give you fast relief.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): Using growth factors from your own blood, your pain doctor will inject plasma to help promote healing and decrease inflammation.

In addition to these procedures, there are a variety of medications that may be helpful in easing your knee pain.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, the physicians have specialized education and training in the area of pain management. They have in-depth understanding of the conditions that cause knee pain, and they stay up-to-date on cutting edge solutions. Don’t spend another moment suffering through painful joints. Make an appointment for your consultation today.

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