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Numerous people suffer from chronic pain. This sort of pain can be caused by a condition that is affecting your spinal cord and/or joints. For instance, neck pain, back pain and knee pain are extremely common. These body parts can hurt badly as a result of a degenerative disease like arthritis or a bad injury. Some injuries tend to happen once and cause severe damage while others are repetitive joint injuries. Thus, any person suffering from pain in any of these body parts should see a neck, knee and back pain doctor near me. 

Generally, a doctor who has pain management knowledge can provide medical care to almost everyone who is in pain. He or she is even more reliable if they can treat issues that affect spinal cord and joints. As you seek back, neck and knee pain treatment near me, read adequate reviews and testimonials online. If possible, consult a pain management doctor who is well-educated, well-versed, and prominent. To help you understand your pain better, we will discuss pain that can affect your knee, neck and back. 

What is knee pain?

This is one of the most prevalent types of pain that affects young and old people. Pain is felt in the knee when there are ligament sprains, muscle strains, and/or irritated cartilage. The three parts can be affected by a single traumatic injury or injuries that can slowly stress your knee for several months or years. Whether it is a sport-related injury, an accidental, severe fall or another kind of trauma, it can produce pressures that can tear, over-stretch or compress your joint or soft tissue.  And if you don’t seek knee pain treatment near me, your knee joint problem will worsen. 

Joint overuse is the leading cause of knee problems in people who do sports and one of those issues that knee, neck and back pain treatment near me doctors treat daily. Quick movements and strenuous exercises can overwhelm your body’s ability to adjust, leading to joint strain and muscle tiredness. And if your muscles are too weak and imbalanced, they cannot meet the demands of your activity and cannot support your joint well. Hence, your weak muscles can get hurt or make other interconnected muscle strain in order to compensate. If muscles around your knee are extremely tight, a compressive force or functional weakness can affect your joint. 

Another thing that can cause knee pain and worsen it is poor posture. Any knee, back and neck pain doctor near me can confirm the simple fact that poor posture can be extremely harmful. When seated, avoid locking your knees as this can exacerbate your pain. If you have flattened arches, you cannot avoid stress around your knees. But you can reduce this trouble by selecting the right shoes for your feet. Besides all the above, you may be suffering from patellofemoral pain syndrome. When it is present, one feels pain around and under their kneecap. 

This type of pain can worsen when you stand, sit or exercise for hours. Patellofemoral pain has no known cause, but it is thought to be triggered by the way your patella/kneecap moves on the femur’s (thing bone) groove. Seeking knee pain treatment near me is much recommended as your doctor will determine the exact cause and treat you. Pain could also be caused by arthritis, osteoporosis or another joint disease. The right thing to do is to get examined and treated by the leading knee pain treatment near me expert.  Exercises can also reduce your knee pain if they are picked wisely and done safely.

Back pain

Back pain can be extremely serious and hard to cure. One can suffer from lower back pain, middle back pain or upper back pain. The most common type is the lower back pain that affects your lumber spine. Upper back pain can be due to cervical spine issues and the only way to know is to book your neck and back pain treatment near me as soon as possible. As lower back pain is the most prevalent, we will discuss it next.

  • What causes lower back pain?

The main cause of lumbar spine pain is a pinched nerve and it’s possible to know you it even without seeking knee or back pain treatment near me. And this is usually the largest nerve in the body— sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve boasts different nerve roots that start from the spinal column in your lumbar spine area. If this nerve is either pinched or irritated closer to its root, a lot of low back pain can be felt. Sciatica nerve pain should be examined and treated via a back pain treatment near me service. While it may come and go, sciatica pain will always come back and trigger burning pain. The pain begins from the lower back before spreading to the buttocks and thighs. Sometimes the spasms will be felt in the lower leg. Irritation of sciatic nerve is due to intervertebral disc abnormalities (radiculopathy), trauma, infection and tumor among other disorders. When you get to see a back and knee pain treatment near me specialist, you will know whether your lumbar spine pain is due to sciatica. 

If you don’t have sciatic nerve problems, your back pain treatment near me doctor will look for other causes. Mainly, they will want to find out whether you have a muscle strain. This occurs when a muscle in your lumbar area is overused and weakened to an extent that it overstretches and strains. Another reason for lower back pain is a ligament sprain; it is caused by a sudden or forceful movement or long-term abuse and stress. Aging is known to occur together with the degenerative disc disease. 

This can be worsened by the fact that aging leads to loss of bone density and loss of flexibility and strength of muscles and ligaments. Besides aging, lower back area is greatly affected by poor posture. People who sit wrongly for several hours, such as bending their backs when typing, can feel pain in their lumbar area. You need a back and neck pain treatment near me specialist if you have a herniated disc. When discs in your lower back bulge or develop a hernia, they can press on a nerve and cause sciatica pain. 

  • Things to do and avoid when you have lower back pain

Before anything else, choose the best back, neck and knee pain treatment near me in your locality.  Next, when you sit down, make sure you get up every thirty minutes. This is to make sure that you don’t strain your lower back a lot. Second, ensure that you support your lumbar spine area with a rolled towel even when driving your car. Third, when you are standing up, move to the front of your seat and get up while keeping your legs straight. Bending forward at your waist is wrong. Things to avoid are only two. First, don’t ever sit on a low soft couch with a deep seat because it will cause you to get seated with your hips lower than your knees. Then, you will fail to maintain the normal curve in your back and feel pain. Next, avoid placing your legs straight in front of you when seated. 

If you are standing for hours, make sure to place one leg up on a foot stool. Second, adapt your body to work heights to reduce your lower back strain. Never keep half bent positions when standing and you can seek more assistance from a dependable knee pain treatment near me. If lifting heavy stuff, use the recommended method. That is, keep your back straight and don’t bend forward, come closer to the load, keep one leg firm, kneel on your knee and lift.  It is also necessary to lift your heavy load securely by straightening your knees. As you lift, don’t twist your back or jerk when lifting. Finally, never bend over the heavy load. 

When lying down, make sure you are resting on a firm surface. Hence, a saggy mattress can be placed on the floor to increase its firmness while a good pillow can provide great support when one is sleeping. Lying on your stomach is a bad sleeping posture that should be avoided at all costs. 

In case you want to bend forward, maintain the natural curves of your back. When coughing or sneezing, always bend backward to improve the curve in your back. Driving can aggravate your lumbar spine discomfort; so, delegate the task when possible. Additionally, move your seat closer to the steering wheel to maintain your back’s natural curve. Raise your body with a pillow if your knees, when seated, are higher than your hips. Above all, get the right back pain treatment near me to know the exact cause of your pain and eliminate it. 

  •  Neck pain and why neck pain treatment near me is a must

Neck pain usually occurs along with upper back pain. While a squeak in the neck is rather common and nothing to worry about, sometimes there will be severe neck pain. This type of pain can be due to damaged ligaments and/or muscles or cervical spine complications. Neck, back and knee pain treatment near me specialists can be extremely helpful when there is unexplainable pain in the neck. Sometimes they result from minor injuries or poor posture issues that happen every day when working or sleeping. 

Most neck and upper back issues aren’t that serious and can disappear on their own. To be precise, acute injuries can be managed with just rest and anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxants. As well as these, cold compresses can be applied to the painful area four times a day for two days. These will reduce the pain caused by muscle spasms. On the other hand, a person with chronic neck pain can use warm compresses and hot showers to relax their muscles and reduce pain.  

Besides the abovementioned techniques, the best back pain treatment near me clinic can recommend a physical therapist who can teach you how to do safe neck exercises. These exercises can heal your neck and should be continued even after the healing is attained. That’s because they can prevent another episode of neck pain. Your knee pain treatment near me physician might as well offer real medical treatments if the above-mentioned techniques fail to end your discomfort. 

  • It could be your cervical spine

If your pain doesn’t seem to end even with the help that your back pain treatment near me doctor has offered so far, it could be that your cervical spine is affected. One condition that leads to disc degeneration (spondylolysis) in your cervical spine needs to be treated to end your neck pain. The selected neck, back and knee pain treatment near me physician will examine you to know if you have spondylolysis. If you do, they will offer the most advanced treatment before you develop osteoarthritis in your facet joints. 

Other problems that could emerge when you have spondylolysis are bone spurs, and they normally form around facet joints or discs. If these form, you are likely to develop a condition called spinal stenosis. Bone spurs can reduce your spinal canal and exert pressure on your spinal cord or nerve roots. This can cause tingling, pain and numbness in legs, hands and arms. Since spinal stenosis affects many nerves in your spinal column, you should seek neck and back pain treatment near me as soon as possible. Through X-rays and other tests, a knowledgeable neck, back and knee pain treatment near me doctor will unearth the exact thing that is ailing your neck.  


Whether you have neck, back or knee pain, doing the right exercises correctly is a leading way to feel relieved. When done according to the instructions of your knee pain treatment near me physician, exercise can reduce your pain and prevent recurrences. Besides exercise, nothing compares to seeking back pain treatment near me online. You can look for the best doctor online called Michael Nguyen and call him. He is the most educated, experienced, caring and reliable knee, neck and back pain treatment near me doctor we know of. Just feel free to get in touch with him at his treatment centre. This will mark the beginning of your total healing. 

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