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Treatment for Low Back Pain Near Me

Many people are looking for help with this condition. In fact, 80% of the population will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime. Finding excellent treatment for low back pain “near me” may take some research but the results will be worthwhile. It is also important to realize that you can start treatment for low back pain at home.

Are you looking for treatment for low back pain using the search term- near me? Do you live in New York or New Jersey? There are many pain treatment clinics in the area that provide excellent treatment for low back pain.

Locate Treatment for Low Back Pain – Near Me

Treatment for Low Back Pain Near Me: Home Remedies

  • Stop the activity that is causing you pain: But do not lie in bed for extensive amounts of time. Often physical movement of every-day activities will eventually reduce your pain. Once you have rested from the pain inducing activity for a short time, you can return to it, while monitoring how you feel.
  • Heat the area: Try heating the area to reduce muscle strain. Twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off is a recommended standard for heating.
  • Over the Counter Pain Medication: Pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs can be beneficial in reducing the pain. It is essential for people who are suffering back pain to exercise lightly, such as going for a walk. You need to relieve your pain with medication so that you will be motivated to complete these exercises.
  • Topical Rubs: These creams and ointments can stimulate blood flow that promotes the healing process.
  • Reduce the amount of Time You Sit: Stand during daily chores instead of sitting. For example, stand while you use a computer or read a book.
  • Practice Good Posture: Consciously straighten your spine when sitting or standing.
  • Strengthen Core Muscles: Yoga and other exercises that focus on your core are beneficial. Walking is a helpful, mild exercise.

When to See A Back Pain Specialist

Often back pain is best alleviated through lifestyle changes that can be accomplished over time at home. But some symptoms cannot be ignored.

  • If you experience bowel or bladder problems that are new.
  • If you have a fever as along with the pain.
  • If the pain is a result of a blow or fall. For example pain from an automobile accident may require professional assistance.
  • If the pain increases, despite following home remedies.
  • If the pain continues for long periods such as more than 4 to 6 weeks.
  • If the pain travels down your legs.
  • If the pain causes numbness or tingling.

Any of these symptoms signal a more serious issue that requires professional care.

Treatment for Low Back Pain Near Me: Medical Treatment

First, your pain doctor in New York or pain doctor in New Jersey will want to determine if there is any skeletal damage that may be causing your pain. As you get older and especially if you are female, you may have developed compression fractures. These are often caused by a weakening of the bone due to osteoporosis. Imaging tests such as ultrasound, X-ray and an MRI will allow your physician to examine your spinal structure in detail.

Once your doctor identifies that your pain is simply a result of problems with the soft tissues, such as tendons, muscles, and ligaments associated with your spine, nonintrusive treatment can begin for pain management. Often the well-trained physicians at the pain treatment clinics will suggest a combination of medical treatments to alleviate your pain. Some of the approaches follow.

  • Massage: Your pain specialist will coordinate with the massage therapist to deliver a therapeutic massage targeted at the center of your pain. It may take several treatments before the pain disappears completely.
  • Acupuncture: Many patients report benefit from this treatment for the relief of various types of pain.
  • Chiropractic Manipulation: For some people having their spine manipulated provides relief from pain, perhaps not right away but within a day or two.
  • Physical Therapy: Your expert pain physician will advise your therapist to your condition so that the exercises can be targeted to include the troublesome muscle group. Your therapist will also train you to stand and sit with good posture. A series of exercises will be set for you to complete at home to expedite the healing process.
  • Oral Medications: Your pain doctor can provide help for your condition by prescribing pain, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscles relaxants that are more effective than over the counter medication.
  • Lumbаr Rаdіоfrеquеnсу Ablаtіоn: This is a nonsurgical, steroid free approach to treat an inflamed joint. It uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate your pain.
  • Bіоеlесtrіс Thеrару: In this procedure, the pain signal is interrupted by the use of bioelectric current before it gets to the brain. Your pain doctor will explain if the process is suitable for your state of health.
  • Spinal Cоrd Stіmulаtіоn: This is another procedure that blocks the pain signal to the brain through low-level electric signals.
  • Sріnаl Dесоmрrеѕѕіоn: In this procedure, pain is reduced through a form of motorized traction that gently stretches the spine.

Treatment for Low Back Pain Near Me: Surgery

In most cases, surgery is not required. Your pain physician will suggest many non-intrusive measures before guiding you to some orthopedic surgeons for consultation.

Laminectomy: This is a surgical procedure in which the back part of the vertebrae is removed. Ligaments and bone spurs can also be removed. This eliminates the pressure on the spinal cord, thereby eliminating your pain.

Finding Treatment for Low Back Pain Near Me

There are many efficient ways to locate qualified pain specialists for treatment in your area. Here are several suggestions:

  • Talk to your primary care physician for a recommendation.
  • Ask your friends, colleagues and relatives for their advice.
  • Complete an internet search and read the patient reviews.
  • Make a request at your local hospital or clinic.

Key Concepts

  • Treatment for low back pain is readily available. There are measures that individuals can start at home. Usually, these measures are successful.
  • There are certain conditions under which it is prudent to seek medical advice. At the pain treatment clinics, you will find expert pain doctors in NY or pain doctors in NJ.
  • Lifestyle changes can make a significant difference.
  • Non-intrusive methods for dealing with low back pain are tried first.
  • Surgery is a last resort when all other methods are not effective.
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