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Treating Shoulder Pain: Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Whаt іѕ Rotator Cuff Tendonitis?

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis is closely related to the shoulder impingement problem. However, it worsens gradually and its initial symptoms are easily manageable.

Shoulder pain treatment

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All of our Shoulder Pain Treatment specialists in New York and New Jersey  are Harvard Trained and Board Certified in Pain Management.

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What are the home treatments and medical assistance for pain from your elbow to shoulder? Learn more about latest comprehensive treatments to help you in elbow to shoulder pain. Read More!

This is a condition that is closely related to the shoulder impingement problem. However, it worsens gradually and its initial symptoms are easily manageable. If nothing is done to eliminate the shoulder tendonitis problem, symptoms can worsen and extend beyond the elbow. If you have tendonitis of the shoulder, the following symptoms can be expected:

  • Shoulder stiffness and pain that causes the victims to wake up from their night’s sleep
  • Feeling pain when trying to touch the behind of your back or wearing clothes
  • Pain when raising or lowering your hand
  • Clicking sound when lifting the arm
  • Weakness in the sick arm and stiffness, affecting its ability to rotate
  • The side of your arm or the front of your shoulder might swell

Doctors use specialized injections to treat severe degenerative joint disease, arthritis and rotator cuff disease. One of these is called Scapular Nerve Block that entails a shot with a local anesthetic drug near the suprascapular nerve. This nerve is near the shoulder blade. People who can receive the Scapular Nerve Block injection are those who are enduring milder shoulder injuries and pain and those who are recovering from postoperative pain.

This injection also works for people who haven’t received any relief from steroid injections as it blocks the nerves’ output signals that provokes pain. Done under the guidance of ultrasound, this Scapular Nerve Block procedure does not hurt because the area is numbed with local anesthetic. It does provide relief after 3 months, 6 months or one year and might call for more than one session. Another great thing is that this specialized injection does not affect your ability to resume your duties immediately.

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