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Elbow pain, commonly called tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is an ailment of the soft tissues. Typically, the problem is with the elbow tendons that attach the muscle to the bone near your elbow. The pain in your elbow is often near the bony prominence on the outside of your elbow. This is the exact spot where the tendon attaches the muscle to the bone. Usually, through overuse, the tendon develops tears that cause pain. In some more severe cases, the pain can radiate to your upper arm or down your forearm. However, if you start treatment immediately, the condition is likely to heal itself.

How can I find treatment for elbow pain near me? Learn about treatment for elbow pain that includes home remedies and medical procedures as well as the location of pain treatment clinics near you.

Treatment for Elbow Pain | Is there a Pain Treatment Clinic Near Me?

Treatment for Elbow Pain – Home Remedies Near Me

There are some treatments that you can start in your own home. Follow the RICE protocol as soon as you feel any pain in your outer elbow: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

  • Rest: Stop the activity that is causing your pain and rest for several days. The cautiously begin your activity once again.
  • Ice: Immediately upon feeling pain, ice the area for 20 minutes and then stop icing the area for 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure several times the first day. In a couple of days, warm compresses are an effective way to promote blood flow while easing muscle tension.
  • Compression: There are armbands available in your local pharmacy. Wearing the bands close to your elbow protects the tendon from further damage by reducing the pressure of the pull from your muscles.
  • Elevate: Keep the area elevated to avoid any swelling.

In addition to these remedies, you can also use the following strategies.

  • Medications: Take over the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce your pain and alleviate any swelling.
  • Medicated Rubs: Apply this soothing cream to the area to reduce swelling. The rub activates blood flow which helps to reduce swelling. Spread the rub from your arm to your wrist for maximum effect.

Treatment for Elbow Pain – Medical Treatment Near Me

When you visit a pain treatment clinic near you, the first step for treatment is an accurate diagnosis.

  • Diagnosis: Your expert pain doctor in New York or pain doctor in New Jersey will require a full medical history and a list of drugs you are currently taking. Imaging techniques such as X-ray or MRI may also be ordered to rule out any bone damage or disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease which has many symptoms that are the same as tennis elbow. Usually, though the pain in the case of rheumatoid arthritis is present in both elbows.

Once an accurate diagnosis confirms that your condition is a result of soft tissue stress, your well-qualified pain physician will recommend several integrated approaches to ease your discomfort. Less intrusive measures will be tried first.

  • Massage: This is very different from a recreational massage. Your pain doctor will work with your therapist to target the specific areas that are causing your pain. The massage relieves tension in the muscles and promotes blood flow which accelerates the healing process.
  • Physical Therapy: Your therapist will consult with your pain doctor to pinpoint the exact areas of pain. Your therapist will teach you some exercises to relieve the tension in your muscle while building muscle strength. Then you will follow a program of exercise that can be completed at home to continue your healing.
  • Prescription Medications: Your pain doctor can prescribe pain medications and anti-inflammatories that are stronger than available over the counter. It is crucial that you are able to complete the exercises and pain should not be a factor that prevents you from taking an active part in getting better.
  • Acupuncture: Very thin needles are inserted in critical areas of your body to reduce pain. This treatment is now recognized as being very helpful for many patients.
  • Injections: If the pain is severe or if you cannot take oral medications, your pain doctor will be able to provide you with injections to reduce the pain and swelling. You may need to repeat these injections for several times to feel the full effect.


If your pain cannot be treated successfully with less intrusive methods, then surgery may be an option. Several different types range from arthroscopic to a complete replacement of the elbow joint.

Preventative Measures for Elbow Pain

  • Stretch before engaging in any activity that involves your arm.
  • Use your shoulder and upper arm muscles when lifting or pulling.
  • Avoid fully extending your arm in daily activities. Stick to a middle range of movement.
  • Stick to smooth, slower movements, instead of quick, forceful ones when flexing your arm.
  • Keep your wrist as straight as possible. Change positions to accomplish this if you use a computer daily.
  • Change activities at work to reduce the strain of the repeated movements that are the source of your pain.
  • Use a different method of lifting and carrying such as a cart instead of carrying a heavy tool bag.
  • When using tools, use a looser hand grip and wear gloves. Select tools with a bigger or padded handle.
  • If you play golf or tennis, have a coach evaluate your swing to reduce the tension on your elbow.
  • Examine your golf club or tennis racket to make sure it fits your stature properly.

How Do I find Treatment for Elbow Pain Near Me?

There are many ways to find a pain treatment clinic to start your healing process. Here are some suggestions.

  • Search the internet and use your location as one of the search words: such as “pain treatment clinic near New York.”
  • Ask your primary physician to recommend a pain treatment clinic near you.
  • Ask a friend for a recommendation.
  • Call your local hospital for advice.

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