The Best Treatment for Knee Pain in NJ!

Your knee contains several different parts, including ligaments, tendons, bones, and cartilage. Damage, caused by a knee injury or medical condition, to any of these parts can cause intense pain. If left untreated this pain can intensify, and the condition can worsen.

If you are experiencing knee pain, it is vital that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are great physicians in the tristate area who specialize in the treatment of joint and back pain. The team at the Pain Treatment Center specialize in providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment for knee pain in New Jersey and New York. Their Pain Treatment Specialists, including Dr. Michael Nguyen and Dr. Faisal Mahmood, are board certified and have years of experience helping patients successfully treat knee pain. Read more to learn about common causes of knee pain and the treatment options available to you.

If you have chronic back, knee or joint pain, you might wonder how to relieve arthritis pain. Conservative measures such as ice and elevation are a good way to start.

Best Treatment for Knee Pain – An expert pain doctor can help tell you more.

5 Most Common Knee Injuries

Athletes often experience knee injuries due to the extreme wear and tear on the knee and its surrounding area. Slips and falls are other common causes of knee injuries. Sometimes, however, knee pain can be attributed to a specific medical condition. The cause of your knee pain will depend on a variety of factors, but your knee and back pain specialist can examine your knee and diagnosis your issue for you.

Here is a look at the most common causes of knee pain.

• Bursitis

Bursitis occurs when the bursae, tiny fluid-filled sacs that work to cushion your knee joints, becomes inflamed. Knee pain is often accompanied by tenderness and swelling of the knee area.

• Ligament Injury

There are four ligaments in your knee area, including the ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL. While any of these ligaments can tear, the most common tears involve the ACL and MCL. This type of injury is common among athletes. Treatment options vary depending on the severity and model of the injury, but in many cases, ACL and MCL injuries can be treated with non-surgical methods.

• Meniscus Tear

This is the most common type of knee injury and is a result of damage done to the cartilage surrounding the knee. This type of injury can occur when playing sports, falling or even twisting the knee.

• Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can prompt inflammation in the joints in the knee area. This medical condition is most common among people over 50 years old. Depending on the extent of the osteoarthritis, non-surgical treatment for knee pain NJ may be effective.

• Patellar Tendonitis

With this condition, pain is caused by an inflammation of the patellar tendon of the knee. This condition is sometimes referred to as Jumper’s Knee because the repetitive movement of jumping can put undue stress on the patellar tendon and cause the inflammation. Along with pain, people also may experience stiffness of the knee.

• Runner’s Knee

This condition is most common among certain athletes, especially runners and cyclists. Typically, the pain is centralized around the kneecap area but intensifies if the knee is bent. There are two types of Runner’s Knee, including Patellofemoral Syndrome, which is centralized around the front of the kneecap, and Iliotibial (IT) Syndrome, which is centralized around the side of the kneecap.

Treatment for Knee pain NJ

There are several effective treatments for knee pain available, including:

• Medication

Over-the-counter medications, such as NSAIDs like Tylenol and Ibuprofen, can help to reduce pain and swelling. Topical pain relievers, such as creams, lotions, and sprays also can help with pain and swelling. For severe knee pain, an experienced knee and back pain specialist may prescribe extra strength pain relievers, such as antidepressants, corticosteroids, or opioids.

• Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treatments can help to strengthen the knee area and improve mobility. Your knee and back pain doctor NJ or your knee and back pain doctor NYC will help to develop a physical therapy treatment plan that is right for your specific knee injury or condition.

• Pain Management Treatment

In many cases, an experienced knee and back pain doctor will develop a multi-faceted treatment plan that helps to strengthen the knee, reduce swelling, and improve mobility. Your treatment for knee pain NJ could include a variety of treatment options, including lumbar injections, bioelectric therapy, or spinal cord stimulation. Read more about pain management treatment options here.  

• Alternative Options

Various types of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic therapy also may be an effective treatment for knee pain NJ.

Before you decide which treatment for knee pain NJ is right for you, it is essential to seek the attention of a trained and experienced knee and back pain doctor New Jersey or a knee and back pain doctor New York. Your knee and back pain specialist can examine your knee, run tests if necessary, and provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

This diagnosis will allow you to work with your doctor to develop a knee and back pain treatment plan that is ideal for your specific knee injury or condition. Your treatment plan is likely to include multiple treatment options that will work together to provide the ultimate pain relief and promote healing.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I receive knee and back pain treatment near me?” then contact the experts at the Pain Treatment Center, a proud member of VIP Medical Group. With offices in both New York and New Jersey and a team of board-certified and experienced knee pain specialists, you can find the treatment you need to deal with your knee pain right in your area. Contact the Pain Treatment Specialist for more information or to schedule your appointment today.

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