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The Newest Neck Pain Treatments in NYC

Nov 06, 2019
If you’ve seen a TV program where there are celebrities dancing for prizes, you might be inspired to try the same moves once you hit the dance floor… or your living room floor. You crank up the music, begin to feel the rhythm, and quickly turn your head to imitate your dramatic look into the camera before your salsa slide. Except unlike on TV, your quick head turn didn’t grab the audience’s attention, it only made your teeth clench. Your partner, watching from the couch, chuckles at your brave attempt to dance with, near, or by the stars, but then realizes you’re really in pain. Fearing a muscle strain or pinched nerve, your neck pain leaves you cradling an ice pack for the remainder of the evening instead of a sparkly trophy.

When is it time to seek the newest neck pain treatments in NYC? If occasional neck pain turns into daily, chronic neck pain, there are treatment plans that can provide long-lasting pain relief. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our top team of Ivy League-trained doctors utilize minimally-invasive pain management treatment plans that care for neck pain as the result of cervical spine issues, poor posture, car accidents, pinched nerves, wear and tear, and muscle strains. Neck pain treatments in NYC can address your neck pain issues through tailored treatment plans that tackle your specific pain concerns.

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What are the Best Neck Pain Treatments in NYC?

Your neck carries a very heavy, and important, piece of your body. Did you know that your head weighs about 11 pounds? Carrying around a large, bowling ball-sized object on a much narrower base is potentially problematic when your neck is strained or injured. If you do experience a neck trauma such as whiplash from a car accident, or poor posture from continually looking down at a screen, the newest neck pain treatments in NYC address your chronic neck pain issues. At Pain Treatment Specialists, some of our neck pain treatments in NYC include:

  • Trigger Point Injection: Found deep within a muscle or connective tissue, trigger points are very sensitive regions. When these areas are overworked or overused, these areas become tender and sore. Instant pain relief is provided by trigger point injections, which targets these specific muscles and connective tissues.
  • Physical Therapy: Neck pain can originate from a variety of reasons, from a car accident to poor posture. Physical therapy addresses the specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are posing problems and utilizes strength training and muscle isolation exercises to increase flexibility and build muscle. Once the affected areas begin to show an increased range of motion and strength, the physical therapist can continue to tailor your neck pain treatment in NYC along with your interventional pain doctor.
  • Cervical Facet Block Injection: Another minimally-invasive neck pain treatment in NYC, cervical facet block injections provide quick pain relief. This injection deposits a small amount of steroid medicine into the facet joints of your cervical spine. An anesthetic drug is also deposited in the same area, which not only numbs the facet joint, but also blocks pain. Both fast-acting and minimally invasive, a cervical facet block injection is offered as one of the top neck pain treatments in NYC.
  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection: Looking to minimize pain and inflammation in your neck, shoulders, and arms? A cervical epidural steroid injection is given in the epidural space of your spine.The steroid drug provides tremendous pain relief for chronic neck pain caused by muscle strains or general wear and tear.

Even though neck pain can originate from many sources, the solution for your chronic neck pain has one solution– a visit to Pain Treatment Specialists to discuss the best neck pain treatment in NYC.

If you’re searching for a “back doctor in NYC” or are unsure of what type of doctor do I see for back pain, look for pain doctors that offer back pain treatments in NYC that do not resort to surgery or narcotics to treat chronic pain.

Neck Pain Originates From What Common Actions?

Much like your dancing fiasco, a quick or sudden movement can create a muscle sprain or muscle strain in your neck that requires neck pain treatment in NYC. Poor posture is also rapidly becoming a cause of chronic neck pain as we spend an increasing amount of time glued to our phones and computer screens. Being aware of the heavy, bowling ball-sized object that your neck supports is key to maintaining proper posture and safe neck movements, even though not all neck pain is preventable as we age.

Wear and tear is a natural part of the aging process, and this occurs when your neck’s joints atrophy. A common cause of chronic neck pain is osteoarthritis, which causes the cartilage between your vertebrae to deteriorate over time. Since cartilage is the “cushion” between these bones, the breakdown of this barrier becomes very painful over time.

Additionally, a pinched nerve can cause pain to radiate from your neck down through your shoulders, back, and arms. This occurs when a nerve in the neck is compressed or “pinched” where it branches away from the spinal cord. Your physical therapist, in conjunction with your neck pain treatment in NYC, can tailor exercises to decompress the pinched nerve.

Trauma, such as a car accident, fall, or sports injury, can also cause neck pain. If you’re rear-ended in a car accident, the violent impact creates symptoms such as headache, neck pain, and neck stiffness. Neck pain treatments in NYC, such as the ones offered at Pain Treatment Specialists, offer relief no matter how your neck pain originated.

Get back to not only reaching for the stars, but also dancing like them! Put away the ice pack and contact the expert pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, who provide cutting-edge and minimally-invasive neck pain treatments in NYC.

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