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10 Ways a Knee Doctor in NY Helps You Lose Weight

October 27, 2020


Can a Knee Doctor in NY Help With Weight Loss?

Whether you’re battling those last 10 pounds or embarking on a substantial weight loss journey, you don’t want to face unexpected hurdles. If you’re eating your veggies, logging your steps, or counting your calories, you deserve to get results! But, sometimes you face opposition that derails your diet and exercise plan. Things like chronic knee pain, arthritis, knee injuries, and disease can stand in the way of your weight loss goals. Let’s take a look at 10 ways a knee doctor in NY prevents those frustrating fitness roadblocks.

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1. A Knee Doctor in NY Diagnoses Pain Correctly

When your knee hurts, it’s tough to do basic activities like bending down to tie your shoes. So, it’s virtually impossible to endure vigorous exercise. For some patients, even a simple walk from their bed to the bathroom is excruciating. No matter how much you want to lose weight, you need your knees to cooperate for exercise. That starts with a proper diagnosis, to ensure the right treatment options. You don’t treat Osteoarthritis like you treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, a torn ACL, or a fracture. Pain Treatment Specialists provides an accurate diagnosis to expedite recovery for pain-free exercise.

Want to start a weight loss plan, or lose those last stubborn pounds? Treat your knee pain first. Here are 10 ways a knee doctor in NY expedites weight loss.

2. A Knee Doctor in NY Keeps Pain from Being Debilitating

How does your pain rank on a scale from 1 to 10? Knee pain left untreated can quickly progress along that scale. Things like infection, dislocation, and arthritis will only worsen if they aren’t addressed. Visiting a knee doctor in New York, NY prevents that level 3 pain from advancing to level 10. When pain is severe, it’s impossible to get the activity you need to maintain a healthy weight. See a knee doctor soon for interventional orthopedic care to retain your mobility.

3. A Knee Doctor in NY Keeps Chronic Pain from Flaring Up

Several causes of knee pain are chronic, or cyclic in nature. Maybe you have Rheumatoid Arthritis that flares up at certain times. Or perhaps you have an old sports injury that rears its head when you exercise. Maybe you have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, or Multiple Sclerosis that triggers knee pain unexpectedly. When knee pain is ongoing and recurrent, it inhibits your ability to exercise consistently. For many people, the gym is out of the question. It’s tough enough to get out of bed. Working with our Harvard-trained orthopedic doctors keeps these flare-ups at bay. Since our doctors are trained in minimally invasive, interventional tactics, they head off pain before it takes over. Our physicians use state of the art tools to target pain directly at the source, preventing its spread. They also educate patients on how to prevent it from coming back.

4. A Knee Doctor in NY Has Quick Treatment Options

Our doctors use swift, minimally invasive techniques to relieve pain on the spot. Many of our patients only require one quick, outpatient procedure to send pain on its way. This means you don’t have to miss multiple workouts, or even your daily activities. Some conditions, like Osteoarthritis, benefit from stretching and exercise. Our quick treatments ensure that you can stay the course with your weight loss regimen. No more tossing and turning at night in pain– that sleep disruption also inhibits weight loss. Come see us to achieve pain resolution fast!

5. A Knee Doctor in NY Prevents Surgical Downtime

Knee replacement and other invasive surgeries take a toll on weight loss. Often you have to wait months to get a surgical appointment, and then there are months of recovery and physical therapy. All the while, you’re often stuck on your sofa or bed. Surgery also adds pain to your painful knee, which prolongs recovery. In fact, many patients at Pain Treatment Specialists arrive seeking relief of surgical pain. Try our minimally invasive procedures to prevent downtime from exercise. Unlike orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors, our team won’t recommend surgery for pain that’s best treated proactively.

6. A Knee Doctor in NY Prevents Chemical Dependence

Some orthopedic doctors, like an orthopedic surgeon or a sports medicine doctor, prescribe narcotic medication for knee pain. Unfortunately, these medicines are prone to chemical dependence and increased dosage titrations, while also failing to relieve pain sufficiently. In addition, narcotics come with a host of side effects, everything from dizziness, to constipation, to drowsiness. These side effects make it more difficult to eat well, exercise, and function at your healthiest level. Several narcotics cause weight gain, in addition to mood disturbances that cause overeating.

7. A Knee Doctor in NY Prevents Osteoarthritis Weight Gain

As if arthritic pain weren’t enough, diseases like Osteoarthritis can also cause weight gain. In a vicious cycle, Osteoarthritis can make it painful to exercise, creating weight gain, and that excess weight increases the impact on your joints. Being overweight increases your odds of developing Osteoarthritis, as well as the pain it causes. One of the best things for Osteoarthritis is weight loss and doctor-approved exercise, but how do you do that when you’re in pain? The answer is to work with our doctors who can eliminate pain immediately, freeing you to move, stretch, and lose weight quickly.

8. A Knee Doctor in NY Helps Relieve Depression

Chronic pain has strong links to depression. When chronic pain is in your knee, it’s particularly disheartening, since this joint enables you to live a full life. If you’re forced to sit on the sidelines, wrestling with pain, who wouldn’t get depressed? Depression can lead to overeating, sleep disturbances, and a sedentary lifestyle, all of which inhibit weight loss. A knee doctor in New York, NY can relieve your chronic pain, helping eliminate your depression.

9. A Knee Doctor in New York, NY Prevents Isolation

When your family goes for a walk, a bike ride, or to an amusement park, do you have to sit it out? When friends invite you to go shopping, do you skip it because of knee pain? Ongoing pain leads to unnecessary isolation. And isolation is a contributing factor to weight gain. Not only that, group exercise is proven to keep you consistent with your fitness. When you have the camaraderie and accountability of your friends, you’re more likely to show up for your workout and stick to your eating plan. So, let’s get rid of your knee pain, so you can join friends and family on all of their active endeavors.

10. A Knee Doctor in New York, NY Provides Hope

One of the biggest deterrents to weight loss is discouragement, or lack of motivation. If you’ve tried losing weight and failed, or you want to lose weight but it hurts to exercise, it’s easy to lose hope. Our doctors restore that hope by eliminating your knee pain. We love the look on our patients’ faces when the pain they’ve endured for months or years is gone within minutes! Don’t give up hope of achieving your weight loss goals. Let us facilitate your fitness results by getting rid of your pain.

Pain Treatment Specialists is the preeminent pain specialist in New York, NY, conveniently located near major transit stops like Grand Central Station. Our award-winning team uses minimally invasive treatment options exclusively. Please call us today to put that pep back in your step and lose those unwanted pounds!

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Dr. George Hanna

Harvard Medical School | NY & NJ Pain Specialist

Dr. George Hanna is a nationally recognized pain management specialist and double Certified in anesthesiology, as well as interventional pain management and pain medicine.

Dr. Hanna received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed anesthesiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard Medical School and a pain management fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hanna was then appointed Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School – training new graduates for over 3 years in anesthesiology and pain management techniques at Massachusetts General Hospital.

harvard trained pain doctors

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Harvard Medical School | NY & NJ Pain Specialist

Dr. Michael Nguyen is world renowned in Pain Medicine. Dr. Michael completed his residency and advanced Pain fellowship training at Harvard Medical School.

During his tenure at Harvard, Dr. Michael was awarded the “Mentor of the Year” and also “Teacher of the Year” award. After graduating, Dr. Michael taught for two years at Harvard – training new graduates on the latest modern advances in interventional pain management for multiple pain ailments.

You can book a consultation with Dr. Michael at our Pain Treatment Center in New York or NJ.

Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Shane J. Volney

Harvard Medical School | NY Pain Specialist

Dr. Volney is passionately devoted to improving the quality of life of his patients through a unique, balanced approach to pain relief treatment. Understanding the major impact of pain on an individual’s energy, sleep, mood, relationships, and general well-being.

Dr. Volney is double board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He is currently seeing patients at our Pain Treatment Centers in New Jersey and New York City. Most pain treatments are covered by all major medical insurances and Medicare.

Dr. Volney

Dr. Laura Lombardi

Harvard Medical School | New Jersey Pain Specialist

Dr. Lombardi is double board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. She specializes in the treatment of back, neck, and joint pain. By using a range of minimally invasive modalities as well as advanced procedures, she helps patients achieve a pain free life without the need for complicated surgeries. 

Dr. Lombardi will be offering her pain treatment services in Clifton, New Jersey. 

Dr. Lombardi
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