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How Spinal Back Treatments Reduce Lower Back Pain

Nov 30, 2019

Across many dinner tables this holiday season, families catch up with relatives and friends that they may not see very often. It gives people a chance to discuss what’s been happening in their lives, as well as what’s coming up. If you’ve been dealing with any kind of chronic pain, this might be the time to tell your loved ones that daily tasks are becoming more difficult, and your life has been affected by this invisible illness.

There may be a person around the table who speaks up and suggests that you learn more about the pathophysiology of back pain, what causes lower right back and side pain, and the term for lower back pain. Possibly they hint that seeking the advice of a pain doctor may relieve your lower back pain and tenderness. “What do doctors do for back pain?” you ask this person. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our interventional pain doctors utilize spinal back pain treatments that are both minimally-invasive and cutting-edge. Not only do our Harvard-trained pain doctors know what causes lower right back and side pain, lower back pain and tenderness, and the pathophysiology of back pain, they also are leaders in spinal back pain treatments that address your specific back pain concerns.

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Spinal Back Pain Treatments for Lower Back Pain

When your back muscles are under stress, you’ll feel the pain radiate and cause lower left back pain, lower right back pain, or middle back pain. This may also be accompanied by muscle spasms, back spasms, and acute low back pain. You may have tried muscle relaxants, or even bed rest for a period of time to alleviate your back pain. However, spinal back pain treatments that are long-lasting and effective need to be administered by a board-certified pain doctor, such as the Harvard trained doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists. Here are some of the spinal back pain treatments offered at Pain Treatment Specialists:

  • Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation: Also known as radiofrequency denervation or radiofrequency neurotomy, lumbar radiofrequency ablation is a truly powerful spinal back pain treatment. This treatment does not involve invasive surgery, but rather relies on heat energy to treat your upper back pain, lower back pain right side, lower back pain left side, and general back pain. The heat energy is delivered precisely to your specific nerve endings that are producing pain signals. If you have already tried lumbar facet injections and did not find enough long-term pain relief, this spinal back pain treatment can last up to one year.
  • Lumbar Facet Injection: This spinal back pain treatment is also known as a lumbar facet joint nerve block. A local anesthetic is injected around the nerves of small joints located along the sides of each vertebra. For patients that have lower back pain causes that include arthritis, a lumbar facet injection provides outstanding pain relief.
  • Lumbar Epidural: An epidural steroid injection is a spinal back pain treatment that relieves lower back pain causes such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis. These injections are delivered to the epidural space, providing pain relief that allows you to return to your normal, daily activities.

The interventional pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are leaders in the field of pain management, with doctors from across the world traveling to their offices to learn the newest spinal back pain treatments. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, seeking medical advice from highly-renowned pain doctors is ideal.

If you’re searching for a “back doctor in NYC” or are unsure of what type of doctor do I see for back pain, look for pain doctors that offer back pain treatments in NYC that do not resort to surgery or narcotics to treat chronic pain.

What’s Causing My Lower Back Pain?

Your loved one at the dinner table had a great point about educating yourself on the causes of your lower back pain. While your pain doctor is an expert in lower back pain and tenderness, as well as the specific terms for lower back pain, you can also learn about some of the risk factors and causes of your lower back pain.

Spinal stenosis is a common condition that affects your back due to wear and tear from aging, degenerative disc disease, and osteoarthritis. This condition occurs when added pressure stresses your spinal nerves, which is caused by the narrowing of the spaces within your spine.

If your pain includes lower back or neck pain, you may be suffering from a herniated disc. This is a common cause of sciatica and lower back pain. You may have also seen this referred to as a bulging disc or a ruptured disc. A herniated disc occurs when the soft center of a spinal disc bulges through a crack in its exterior casing.

Degenerative disc disease occurs naturally as we age, and is related to normal wear and tear. This condition most often manifests as lower back pain, but can also lead to herniated discs or ruptured discs, which cause chronic back pain. A common symptom of degenerative disc disease is feeling a “pins and needles” sensation in your legs or lower back.

If you’ve overused your back muscles while digging, painting, or exercising, you may experience a muscle strain or muscle sprain. This lower back pain is caused by the stretching, or tearing, of a muscle or tissue attached to a bone. Symptoms of muscle strain include muscle pain, joint pain, and a limited range of motion.

Take the advice of your friends and family around the holiday dinner table and seek spinal back pain treatment for your lower back pain. Not sure where to begin? Contact the Harvard-trained pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, the top team of back pain experts, for your spinal back pain treatment.

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Meet our Board Certified team

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Dr. George Hanna is a nationally recognized pain management specialist and Double Board Certified in anesthesiology and pain management medicine. Dr. Hanna is currently available at Pain Treatment Specialists in Manhattan. He is now accepting most major medical insurances, including Medicare.

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Dr. Michael Nguyen is world renowned in Pain Medicine. Dr. Nguyen completed his residency and advanced Pain fellowship training at Harvard Medical School. During his tenure at Harvard, Dr. Nguyen was awarded the “Mentor of the Year” and also “Teacher of the Year” award. After finishing at Harvard, Dr. Michael Nguyen taught for two years at Harvard – training new graduates on the latest modern advances in interventional pain management for multiple pain ailments.
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