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Back pain is one of those health problems that can keep you off work. It can get so severe that you are unable to make simple body movements. Unless your discomfort is so great that it has rendered you immobile, the best way to improve your back pain is to move. Getting examined by a first-class back pain doctor near me is a must, however. It should be the first thing you do to know the real cause of your back discomfort. As far as staying active, the best advice is that you should modify some of your tasks to avoid worsening the pain. While bed rest may be the first thing you might think of doing, research findings clearly states that rest worsens back pain. So, to recover from this problem quickly, get active and follow the advice of a good back pain specialist near me. You can meet this specialist via the internet. 

What could be worsening your Backache?

If you already have a bad back and it is not responding to your treatment tricks, it’s advisable to search for the real reason why via the help of a back pain doctor near me. It is possible to start recuperating, if you eliminate the factors that could be aggravating your pain. These factors could also trigger new pain in your back. So, if you have a backache without a specific reason, or your existing ache has been worsening, these could be the reasons why:

  • You stay seated for several hours without taking adequate breaks. 
  • Your posture is poor. This could be when seated, lifting things, sleeping, typing and so on. 
  • You have unresolved stress or anxiety
  • You are overweight or pregnant and the extra weight is straining your back.
  • You live a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps you smoke.
  • Maybe you hurt your neck or back when you tripped and fell.

Backache myths you shouldn’t trust 

There are some myths that make back pain patients worry for nothing. The common ones include the following: 

  • Surgery is a must to heal backache 

It is not all types of back pain that should be treated via surgery. A good back pain specialist near me and you can support this view by saying that sometimes surgery doesn’t solve back pain better than physiotherapy does. Additionally, statistics show than less than 50% of patients who endure back surgery receive good quality results. Furthermore, a few of them continue taking painkillers to end their pain and might as well stop performing some functions that could worsen their backs.  

  • There must be a fracture, dislocated disc or another thing that is out of place.

Almost everybody worries too much the first time they hurt their back. Most people think that they have a broken bone or perhaps a protruding disc or a dislocated joint. The only way to prove this is to see a back pain doctor near me and have him or her perform certain tests that will establish the exact cause of your discomfort.  Having something out of place is just a myth. It could be that your tendons, muscles or ligaments were overstretched by one risky body movement. A thorough manipulation of these joint supporters could easily provide pain relief. But, if there is a part that is out of its natural position, it will be captured by X-rays and then the best back treatment will be offered. 

  • Taking a bed rest will help your back recover fast

Just like you could recover faster from most health conditions when you stay active, you could heal your backache faster. Even if your back hurts, you should resume work the soonest possible. As long as you have seen the right back pain specialist near me, getting busy will be the best decision ever made.  Staying in bed for a long period could hamper your recovery from low back pain.

  • An X-ray is a must if you feel pain in your back

As your back pain doctor near me clinic already knows that habitual X-rays and MRI scans are not supported by the International guidelines, it might use other ways to discover the root cause of your pain. This is, particularly, if you feel pain in your lumbar spine area.

  • Back pain never heals 

While backache can recur in future, it does go away when properly treated. It is just a myth that pain in your back will be a life sentence.

Back and neck pain treatment near me 

Natural methods of healing back pain can work along with whatever cure a knowledgeable back pain doctor near me can offer. These are:

  • Resuming your daily routine – As we have been insisting all along, the quickest way to end your backache is to get up and do something. Sleeping all day long will only make you more tired and miserable. And as you resume work, consider everything the back pain specialist near me has told you to do. Anything that might cause extreme strain should be avoided all together. In addition, as you begin getting busier, ensure that you are easy on yourself. Your back needs time to re-adjust itself to the tasks you used to do, especially lifting and bending. Begin by swimming or strolling. Before you know it, your back will be fully healed.  

If you involve a physiotherapist, he or she will help you get active without feeling pain. They know the exercises you can do to support your back without worsening it. While staying active might be something you would want to avoid, it’s good to endure the pain. Sooner than later you will be totally healed. 

If you are an employed person and cannot manage to work the entire week, speak to your supervisor about allowing you to work a few days a week until you recover totally. If a letter from a back pain doctor near me is needed by your boss prior to accepting your requests, ask your physician to write it. 

  • Improve your posture – If you work seated for several hours, you should obviously do something about your posture. Get an ergonomic work desk and chair and learn to take regular breaks. If your work entails lifting heavy things, you could ask your manager to get you simpler tasks to do. 
  • Take your medicines – It is possible that a back pain doctor near me gave you drugs to cure your back. Ensure that you keep taking them so as to heal your back quickly. Take NSAIDs too to reduce inflammation and pain that may result from a disease like arthritis. 
  • Believe you will feel better soon – Being surrounded by negative energy is always bad for your health. Hence, believe that your backache will end soon and keep your mind focused on other things but pain. Moreover, pick a back pain specialist near me that has a pleasant personality. He or she will always encourage you even when they know that total healing could take several months or that your back pain will be a condition you will learn to live with. 
  • Follow up with your clinic – If weeks have passed and your backache seems to get worse, seek help. Go back to the selected back pain doctor near me or seek a second opinion from a new physician.

When a back and neck treatment near me might involve physiotherapy

Being treated with medicines is usually the first approach. However, taking drugs doesn’t always produce excellent results. What is more, taking drugs does not stop people from using physiotherapy. If your back and neck treatment near me clinic recommends physiotherapy, don’t hesitate to try it. In fact, ask a back pain specialist near me to direct you to a well-educated, professional physiotherapist. This expert can discover various factors that are specifically triggering your back discomfort. 

After that, they can come up with a treatment plan and pain management program that works for you. In case there are underlying health problems that generate back pain as one of their symptoms, a back pain doctor near me who has physiotherapy knowledge will find out. His or her main goal is to end your pain and help you get as active as you were before your back problem started. A summary of their functions includes:

  • Evaluating your backache and recommending the best solutions.
  • Coming up with an appropriate pain management plan
  • Manipulating your aching areas to revive them and encourage healing
  • Providing the right exercises and showing patients how to do them safely. These workouts can boost your flexibility and strengthen your muscles, ligaments and tendons. These are the components that support your back joints. 
  • Showing you how can exercise to boost your back posture.
  • Counseling you on how to resume work and the activities you enjoy doing.
  • Advising you on ways to prevent back issues in future.
  • Assessing your work station and the type of tasks you perform so as to offer concrete advice on what to stop or add.
  • Directing you to other back pain specialist near me clinics or health professionals, if there is a problem they cannot solve. 

Locating a good physiotherapist is a must and you can start by asking a back pain specialist near me that has been treating you. Just like other doctors, back pain physicians have affiliations with clinics and individual doctors. So they are the first people you should consult when looking to start physiotherapy. 

Next, find out the medical association that physiotherapists join and look for a back pain doctor near me who is a member. Membership is an indication that such a specialist is not only well-educated but also certified. As well, it shows that they have strong and ethical work principles. Third, open related websites and read reviews about various back and neck pain treatment near me clinics. Select the specialists that most reviewers were happy with. If you pick a great physiotherapist, he or she will cure your lower back pain without necessarily asking you to take drugs. 

With just exercise and physical manipulation of the painful areas, a physiotherapist can end your backache. Above all, they will teach you a lot of tricks that you can use even in future. 

How can you prevent another backache?

The fact that you have totally healed your back pain doesn’t mean that it cannot recur. If you stop paying attention when doing some risky activities, chances are that you will have another back pain episode. And if you have never suffered from a backache, odds are that you will get it soon if you neglect your back when working. 

One way to prevent a backache or a recurrence and avoid going back to a back pain specialist near me is to maintain a proper posture always. For instance, make sure that you always sit up or stand up straight. Keeping a straight back even when sleeping is extremely important. Just by improving your posture, you can end a lot of back issues. When your back is properly straightened, your shoulders are back and their blades down. As well, your chin is slightly raised while your shoulder, hip, knee and the centre of your ankle are in a straight line. When working in front of your PC screen, or when writing something down, keep your back aligned rather than curved. 

Another thing to do to avoid another painful back pain  and further treatment by the back pain specialist near me is incorrect heavy lifting. People who lift heavy things are affected by herniated discs, dislocations, back strains and other related problems. If you can make your load lighter by removing some items, do it. Secondly, don’t lift a very heavy load when there is a fellow worker who can assist you. Then, learn the art of lifting a load and you can watch some videos or view photos online. As well, you can ask a back pain specialist near me to demonstrate it for you. 

Lastly, avoid working continuously, particularly, if your work puts you in danger of getting back injuries.  Take a break every thirty minutes, if possible. Walk about your work area, stretch out or work while standing every few minutes to avoid being seated for too long When going to a department that is downstairs, don’t use a lift; walk up and down the stairs as this is a good exercise. If you have appointments with a back pain doctor near me, or a physiotherapist, ensure that you attend all of them. This will increase your chances of staying longer without felling pain in your back. 

Final word

Back pain is treated based on where it is felt and its magnitude. The worst pain is often felt in the lower back and most people fall in this category. Mid-back pain and upper back pain don’t seem to affect as many people as lumbar spine pain. As well as the position, pain is categorized based on whether it is mild, acute or chronic. Once a great back pain specialist near me assesses your back, they will recommend the most appropriate treatment technique. So, search for a reliable and reputable back pain doctor near me clinic online and get in touch to begin your therapy.

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